Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lil Deep Meets his Match thanks to Ink-B! (Plus more Class fun!)

Something was just spotted in the waters outside of Class Comics world...A large blue shape is harassing the swimmers! But no fear, it's Mako Finn to the Rescue!!!

Yep Lil' Deep just met his equal and had his butt served!!!! A special treat and new a blog exclusive!!! The two Shark boys have settled their differences after reaching a mutual XD
As always Lil' Deep is so freaking hot when drawn by his creator. His face is really strong and handsome. The only Megalodon who's face is that kissable! His hair looks like it has been whirling in passion for some time. Mmmm the water drops on both boys adds to the heated ferocity of the love making. This is Inks first time drawing Lil Deep and he turned out really amazing. You HAVE to love how he positioned his dorsal finned cock to look like a jumping fish. I mean, that is just pure wickedness. Mako didn't even take off his speedos, he was that horny!

Ink just loves to draw, here are some wonderful bonuses from him! Ink has recently changed his commission prices to reflect the US Dollar. He is in need of a new Tablet and could really use some help.

Mako sits on the beach patrolling the waters. Just look at the details in the colouring. Ink is really good at bringing out the best in a character. I do so like those brows and that nose! Adorable!!!

Hee hee Looks like Mako has seen trouble and is going to take care of it the best way he knows how! Ink draws a great Fillion style penis! Way sexy my friend. :)

Mako Finn made his debut in Boy Toons Adventures #1, you can check out the mini site and purchase the book using the link below. Each book comes signed by Patrick Fillion himself!

Boytoon Adventures - An Erotic Gay Trade Paperback!

This isn't the end of the Class Comics fun! Remember the awesome Chibbi Version of Zahn Demona did some time ago? Well I asked her to do a couple more. Here is her so CUTE version of Naked Justice!

I am TERRIBLE at writing comments about Chibbis!!! He is such a mischief maker with those big green eyes of his and that sly smile. Look out Ghostboy! She has started to include more then just flat colours to her little cuties. This has had a profound effect on their looks. You gotta check out her gallery, there's lots to see and commissions are always open. Wait till you see her little Mum-ra. ^o^

I can't tell the entire story behind this next image without ruining some future surprises. Let's just say that this started as a simple request to see Ghostboy and Naked Justice in FallenAngels style and built like mad from there. Not happy to just give me the boys in their regular clothes, Fallen took them into a virtual video game world and started in on creating a back story, costumes and spells for the two boy toys!

Stuck in a game, or in a Medieval world for real? You so know this would make me play online video games!

My Reaction:

This was a really nice request that you took and added a lot of flavor too for me. Your costumes are really wicked looking. My favorite is the concept for Ghostboy. He fits so naturally into that Mage look! Love the cute little fire sprites!! He better watch out, he will burn his cock head! :lol:
Great job on his body. It's so hot and sexy. I love the details on the circumcision scar. You really put a ton of time and effort into this.
Naked Justice makes a great warrior. I love his pose and how he is pictured bigger and stronger then Ghostboy. His chest is so puffed out and sexy!!! Super nice job on the tip of his foreskin poking through his foreskin. That's making me drool! :inlove::heart::heart::heart:

Thanks man!!! Mega love to you!

A look at the sketch, the costumes and characters types evolved very quickly in Fallensangels head.

Ok that's it I'm tired...oh heck no!!!! Part 4? Yep, you better believe it...

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