Friday, November 27, 2009

Lastmanouthere, FallenAngel and Tranetrax Take on He-Man, the sexiest Man of my Childhood...

Last month I was given the new He-Man series on DVD as a gift. I was fairly familiar with it. Sadly living on the farm meant Saturday mornings were spent tending animals and not watching cartoons. So now many years later I am experience this sweet cartoon in full. So guess what I started to request? XD ha ha ha. Yeah let's face it, if you grew up in the 80's no matter what you felt about the cartoon, or toys, you had to admit He-Man was one hot piece of meat. He might have been one of the first things I actually masturbated to.
Anyway.....I got on the MSN and the e-mail and started to request He-man left and right. I mean this new He-man is FINE! Ha ha ha. So here he is as captured by three amazing artists.

First we have FallenAngels take on him. We talked about a couple poses. We settled on him sitting on some rocks taking care of business while patrolling Castle Grey Skull.

My reaction:

It's not boring when you have that huge cut cock to play with! :lol::heart:
Oh I so love seeing He-Man in your style. Like I said, his face is so CUTE! and that hair, sigh...:blush::love::inlove:
That chest and is hot too. I think his legs are just delightful. I want to run my fingers over legs like that. :inlove:
Nice Castle Grey Skull and gloomy atmosphere. It sure adds a lot to the theme of this picture. :heart:
I wonder if Skelator is using a spy bot to watch him? hee hee...

That is one massive cum shot!

I like how the hair sits so high above the skull in this image. He's so hot even in this early sketch. :) Fallen is really good at bringing an innocents to his creations. Cause He-Man is so American, I always got the feeling he would be circumcised.

The second set of images are from Lastmanouthere. I even have a blog exclusive image to share! We started to talk about doing a He-man and he drew this stunning sexy pose here:

This is pretty classic. Love the arm placement, dang so sexy!!! What a chest. Lastmanouthere always does such nice thick foreskins! I don't know if he will finish this, or not, but I sure hope he does. :)

Anyway almost the next day, Lastman had a whole new image for me. He said it came to him so naturally that he didn't have to redraw any of it. It all just poured from his mind like honey to create this delectable image I present. It quickly became his most beloved entry on Y!Gallery.

The image started out as two different characters, but as soon as Lastman focused on it being He-man a masterpiece was born!

My personal reaction:

Like I said last night, this is sooooooooooooo freaking hot!!!! So hot, my screen went black while looking at this. Dude your image made my PC faint!!! ha ha ha.:tongue::heart:
I love his sexy body, the legs are just too much with those veins. He looks like he could break a wall with that powerful dick. His torso is so stacked. :kiss:
I like your joke you added. I wish that problem did happen in the cartoon. :lol:
One of your sexiest images yet. :)

What's funny is my screen actually died, then the rest of my PC followed....

Around the same time Tranetrax asked me if I had any requests. I was startled by such a gracious offer. I settled on He-man in the nude! XD Here is wonderful take:

How I do dig those curly blond pubes!!! XD

My reaction:

Oh wow, wicked ass cool pose and sooooooooooo freaking hot too!!! OMG this is one of your best images ever! Love that cock! Nice sword too. Dang, I am so happy KinNova and requested this!

His He-man is very smooth and lickable! You should really check out this young artists gallery. He recently did some Sworn fan art that is out of this world. :)

Thanks so much guys! As always more to cum!

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  1. DinosaurPrince is really nice about all of my work, and I thank him for inspiring me to draw sexy men (and paying me for it, nevertheless!)




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