Sunday, November 29, 2009

This must be Prince of Persia month...

Hey guys! I have no idea how to arrange all the images I have gotten this week. It's been NUTS! Everyone has been hard at work. I just can't keep up!!!!
This is going to be hype, so grab a box of Kleenex and prepare to drool.

Let's start off with a commission which is something I never dreamed I would request, Donovan meeting the Prince of Persia! Who did I ask to take this on? Why none other then Crimsonblood! He pinup lover and posed the two boys ready to sword fight in the desert! Enjoy!

Hey look their feet are burning the sand!

My Reaction:

Hey Crimson! This is an oh so awesome sexy first commission dude! I was flipping from the moment you showed me the line art. Your Prince and Donovan are so freaking smooth. MY lord, they look like they just were on stage at a muscle competition. Did you shave them down? :lol: XD I dig the way you do a cut guy with a little lump on the shaft. NEAT! :wink: Loving the foreskin on Donovan, nice and thick! Great placement on the head. They are both strong and sexy looking members.
You did a great job on the faces too. They are very sexy. The hair looks nice enough to stroke. :inlove::heart:
Donovans sword is getting a good view of the Princes bum huh? :tongue::heart:
I think Donovan is peeking too! XD

The decision to make the legs bare is too much!!!:kiss: They looks so smooth long, well muscled and sexy. Some of the sexiest legs on the site for sure!!!!
Much love to you for this man. :widesmile::heart:

God I love the hair on the prince and the way the foreskin is drawn on Donovan... XD

Ok here is nice blog only treat, the Line art!

Crimsonblood just opened up his commissions again, so if you want something this hot, you better go line up now!

This week I got 2 images of the Prince! The other was from my old buddy FallenAngel7. Have a look at this misadventure!

The result of coming up with a concept and giving to a very naughty mind! XD

My Reaction:

Oh man, I couldn't wait for this one!!!! I was thrilled when I saw the e-mail just now.

Your prince looking embarrassed is so CUTE! Ha ha yeah parachute pants are so soft, they would make you very hard if you ran around in them. You gave him a massive boner! Was it the erection, or the arrow the busted his seams? :lol::heart: I love the deep colour of his penis head. mmmm very suckable! :blush:

Gotta love those nipples!!! He is so smooth too.. look at that sexy leg! :blush::heart:
Excellent job on his sword and costume too. You did a magnificent job as always.

This image took a bit longer then usual due to the colouring of the gargoyle and the walls. Fallen had a blast doing this one. As someone commented, now if only this could happen in the game! Well we got an implied love scene at least.
Yeah I have been going with a circumcised prince these days. Maybe I will change that in the next commission for fun. :) Yep there is another one on the way! Hey I love this game! ^_^

This is just part one, hold on....

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