Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Traveling Marshall by Ivanhormy

Traveling is so exhausting. There is nothing like getting off the plane and finally arriving..only to realize the stress has only just stared. Here is a fun and sex picture by Ivanhormy. I wanted him to do a pin up of Marshall in some summer travel clothes. He's just made it to the airport, it's late and he is tired. He hasn't pleasured himself in a long time. As he strolls out into the street he realizes he is is alone. He undoes his fly and lets the gentle night air caress his member.

Ivanhormys take on Marshall is very sexy. I love how he looks like he might just fall over any second. That hair is wispy and cute, maybe it's a little greasy cause he hasn't been able to wash it for a long time. :P It certainly ads to his fatigued look. He was really fun to watch work. He looked up different coats (with sexy models in them) and showed them to me to make sure I was getting what I wanted. I asked him to include a circumcision scar on Marshall, cause more and more I feel it's important to include it on my cut guys. He did a great job on it!
I love his outfit, it's perfect, based on what i had described.
Marshalls shoes are getting bigger and bigger as well. I like the idea of giving him something like this influenced by Mickey and Sora.

Thanks Ivan! This one is awesome!

Speaking of Sora, here's a little bonus. I went shopping on the weekend at a place that was having 26-50% off all stock. After going through a very rough week, I treated myself and picked up a couple figures and some comics.

I immediately purchased this figure, Jungle Emmy that I had wanted since last year.

She's so cute! They say if you lift up her top you can see her nipples. Mine is still in the package. :P

I saw this Christmas Sora on Saturday, but was hesitant to buy it after the Jungle Emmy purchase. When I got home I showed it around a bit and everyone told me the price was right and the figure was I grabbed it on Sunday. I did it in honor of someone who always encouraged me to buy the holiday decorations I love. Someone I will miss terribly.

I made another fun discovery today. I was looking up a model called Kieron, who is half Asian and half Polish. While searching for info on him, I discovered a video from Bel Ami that has a model of the same name. I snagged the video and started to watch it this morning. Kieron Athey, the young man featured turned out to be Bel Ami's first European circumcised male! (I think.)

I know the studio featured Chance in the late 90's, but he was American. I did see a casting couch style video a few years ago with a guy that was cut. I am sure that he was not Kieron, this is going back at least three years. I guess he doesn't count cause this was a video of guys that mostly didn't make the Bel Ami cut and only did solo jerk offs. Later Adam Dexter, who was the first black actor in a Bel Ami movie, I thought was the second. But he turned out to be American and uncut. God, it's hard to tell though. He hides his foreskin well in that video. Only by seeing him in a solo video did I realize he had some skin. He really plays with it there.

Though Adams scene with Tommy Hanson is legendary, I always felt it a total waste and very racists that of two videos called Out of Africa, there is only one Black male featured. Shame on you Bel Ami! :( Maybe it has to do with most South Africans being cut as well...hmmmm. These factors along with a few others led me to boycott Bel Ami for a bit.

Anyway Kieron is a Cheq boy, very twinky but oh so hot. It was totally refreshing to see a cut Euro boy getting it on. The video I saw was part of the Bel Ami original programming. He was paired with Jacques Briere who has let his hair down and looks very Tarzany! XD He takes instant interest in Kierons cock, while stroking his own huge uncut monster. I really recommend this video. Jacques looks so cute and nerdy in the start for one thing. :P The boys are very sensual and they give off the sense that they are truly into each other.


  1. nice Marshall ver, cute and sexy :D looks like the travel makes it HARD for him :D - FallenAngel

  2. The Marshall character looks soo cute xDDD

    Hu, you get Sora, hu? Nice!!! And the jungle Emmy is awesome! Her sculpt is really amazing (specially on her hair)

    Those are some crazy and delicious screen caps o_o

  3. Awe thanks Fallen and Devilman! Ivan will appreciate that! :) Yeah I caved and got Sora the next day. Hee hee. I want to open Jungle Emmy...I guess I will do that soon. I still did not open my Bionic Commando!



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