Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cleo by Ivanhormy

Hey guys. I commissioned Ivanhormy to do a cute image of Cleo chill'n and jerking it by a temple. Ivan was kind enough to do a request of Icarus and Link for me a while back. I like his work a lot. He does some really cute muscle guys. He is a rising star of the gay art scene and wanted to give a little back to him for all he is giving to his fans.
The commission process was super fast. It was also super smooth with Ivan asking me how I felt about each step. He had this done very quickly and it turned out even better then I hoped. He gave Cleo a lot of charm. He's a cuddly muscle boy here with his blushing checks, big chest and thick uncut cock! I do love the adorable expression as he grinds his teeth, unable to hold back his orgasm.

What I really do admire is the little details. His scarab watch he created is very fitting and clever. The cute Hieroglyphics are just awesome. The high five made me giggle. I wonder if this temple is a gay club? But my favorite effect in the background is that wicked ass shadowing he did. Truly gives the image some grand scale. Excellent job Ivan. Can't wait for the next one!

Oh those smooth sexy legs! I want to run up and grab 'em! LOL.

You can check out his stuff here:




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