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John Carter and Kantos Kan Illustrated Story by Dinosaurprince! :O

Hey guys! Well this is the big one I told you about. I got home from watching The Expendables a few weeks ago and wrote up a short little erotic story about John and Kantos. Like I had said in the past, their realtionship was pretty intense.
I called upon the artist genius of FallenAngel, Caravaggia, Ivanhormy and Anma in his first commission ever, to help me illustrate the story. It's not the best thing I ever wrote, but I hope you will enjoy it and all the wonderful,very creative art below and leave some nice comments for this blog exclusive feature!

Love on The Martian Desert
by Dinosaurprince.

Illustrated by FallenAngel, Caravaggia, Ivanhormy and Anma.

Kantos Kan and I had been sparing for a long time in the cool Martian Morning sun. He was, as always in total awe of my prowess with a sword. He had a glow about him today that I had not seen in him before. His face was fixed in a constant friendly smile. His good spirits elevated his abilities and I found myself having to do my best to keep him in check.
Finally I commanded him to stop and take a break. He stood firm and wiped the sweat gently beading on his perfect brow. His long blond hair wrapped in a long pony tail, flapped gently in the breeze. I looked down and noticed his long cloth between his perfect legs was as well. Most Martians hardly wore any clothes at all. Since each man kept their youth and perfect figure for thousands of years, there seemed to be a very natural pride in ones appearance and few felt the need to cover up even the most private of areas. I started to wonder why lay beneath his toga. I shook my head. Curiosity is natural I reminded myself. Kantos is almost as good a friend as Tars, but what is more, he is my pupil and often shows affection to me in embraces that are almost embarrassing.
Kantos laid his hand on my Shoulder.
"Thank you once again for sparing with me John Carter. I would not be the warrior I am today if not for your constant teachings. I only wish there was a way for me to repay you."

I knew then why he was so engaging today. It had been several weeks since Dejah had left Helium on business. My loins were on fire. I had not so much as pleasured myself once since she left. I could see that Kantos had noticed my gazing down at his frame during our sport. I have heard it said on Mars that men as an act of great friendship do indeed explore each other and relive one another when their passions grow to strong.

"What are you saying my friend? Kantos you are like a brother to me. Your friendship and constant companionship is more reward then enough."

"Yes, I respect and admire no man, or woman more then you John. There is something companions like us, should do to prove the strength of their loyalty."

At that he stood and spread his legs slightly. He pressed a clip on his golden belt and his toga cloth slowly fell to his feet. I gasped in amazement. Hanging between the legs of the red Martian was a perfect uncut penis. Still flaccid the member must have been at least 8 inches. It was darker then the red skin of his body, it was bronze. The foreskin covered the head very tightly and I could make make out the features of his very large apple sized crown. At the tip of the head, the foreskin lips formed a long tube that hung almost an inch below. The foreskin behind the head was wrinkled into several folds. I have never seen a penis covered in so much beautiful skin. His balls were massive and hung like two red mangos ripe with juice.

I wanted to hold out my hand and touch it, but I became reluctant, unable to move. I turned my head and looked down. How could I have made such a gesture to this young man, who only wanted to please me? To this day I thank Issus that he then took the second step in this ritual and did not back down. He walked to me and laid his arms around my shoulders. He pressed his body close to mine. I could feel him looking deep into my eyes, but I dared not meet his gaze. He took his fingers and and rubbed my hard nipples.
"John, I can not ignore my feelings for you any longer. I have already lost one love, but my feelings for her do not come anywhere my feelings for you. Please allow us this moment my friend, my heart aches for you."

With those words I looked deep into Kantos blue eyes and grabbed both his hands by the wrists. I placed them at the sides of my hips and he undid my belt. My feelings for him were strong, I could not deny it and while my mind said no, my penis begged yes. So as my cloth fell to the dusty Martian soil my massive cock sprung lose bouncing to and fro as it did so. My 12 and 1/2 inch cock had never been so engrossed in pure lust since the night I first laid with Dejah. Kantos eyes widen and a huge grin raced across his lips. He said nothing, but pressed up against me, harder then before. I could feel his cool cock rubbing hard against mine. So smooth and thick. Or poles pulsated. I reached below as did he. I grabbed his uncut dick and pulled slowly down on his skin. I exposed his bright pink head. What a glorious thing it was, long in the tip and as thick as my fist. He was getting longer and harder by the second as I gently jerked him off.

He kissed me on the lips and slowly began his decent down. He took my cut cock in both hands. I wondered if he knew what to do with an circumcised penis, but soon realized he was well skilled with one such as mine. He rubbed hard below the head, taking my purple mushroom deep into his mouth at the same time. His suction was so great I swear he could have popped it off with ease. I bent at the knees as his tongue explored every area of my head. Constantly his warm tongue ran the circumference of the crown. I could take little more pleasure. My balls were stirring.
I lifted the blond warrior up. His foreskin had once again found its way over his massive head. From the long lips a long stream of precum had formed a strand ending in a large pool as long as my foot in the sands.
I laid him down, took the member in my hand, pushing the skin up with my thumb. I cupped the the end of the skin in my lips and sucked out the man honey. I then thrusted my tongue deep in the foreskin and explored. I pushed the skin back just enough that I could maneuver my tongue around his sweet tasting head. My god, the flavor! My taste puds sang and danced as I lapped up the goodness inside. I pushed the skin up and down, then took his full cock; all 14 inches in my mouth and down my throat. I gagged slightly and tears filled the sides of my eyes, but I was determined to take it all in. I whipped it out and pounded ferociously on the cock, jerking him off. His skin smacking loudly as I pushed it's thickness up and down, his sweet smell carrying in the wind. All the time he looked down transfixed on me, groaning and panting. I could see he was wanting to place his hands on my head to move me off, then biting on his first with each new area of pleasure I exposed.

"Oh John, please more. Do it again. Swallow all of me." I did so, for I was so in love with him, no request was too much. I loved the taste of his plump flesh mixed with his ever increasing precum.
"No one has ever taken all of my cock, you men of Jasoom are truly amazing."

He then raised me to my feet. "I want to be one with you John." He grabbed my dick, so sensitive that I quivered at the very touch. He placed our heads together.
"What are you doing?"
"Joining our manhood."
He then pushed his foreskin over my massive purple head. Despite him being longer, my head was actually an inch fatter then his was. I now know why Martian men often have such long foreskins. To perform this ritual with any other, even a Thark, one needs a lot of extra skin. He pulled it over my head with ease and I gasped. It was the strangest feeling I had ever felt. I not only could feel the skin, but the foreskin joined with my cock in such a way that I could feel his nerve endings as my own. For the first time I knew what it was like to be uncut and this new sensation was more then my already oozing cock could take. Hardly had he moved the foreskin up and down thrice before my loins began to bust.
I screamed grabbing his hips I brought him closer, cum oozed from my dick hitting his head and gushing from below the skin. The feeling of his masters warm sperm was too much for Kantos as well, I could see in his eyes that he was losing control. I grabbed his hard red dick with all my Earth born strength and jerked him off. He broke free of the lock he had on my dick and fell to his knees as I brought him to what seemed like an unending eruption. Hot cum sprayed and covered his perfect chest and abs. My hand was white with semen. I could not even make out it's shape under the glove of cum. I licked it off and continued to jerk him with my other hand.

We lay together for a few moments. I adored his form, caressing his hips and kissing him gently. I was not satisfied, nor was he. My balls still had much cum to spend. I bent him over and began to finger his perfect hairless butt. In response he rose his tight behind high in the air. I pushed in my index finger. I rubbed it around his hole. Then stuck in two more fingers. He gasped.
"Kantos, there is more then one way we can join our bodies as one."
He looked at me puzzled. Surly he must have heard of anal penetration? I was already full hard again. My cock head so tight it glistened in the sunlight. Kantos head rushed to my member, mouth open, licking and sucking it before I even had a chance to respond. He cupped my hairy balls in one hand and worked the shaft with his other hand. I let him have his way for a moment, then gently clasped his face in my palms.
"Turn around again Kantos, before I once again spill my lust all too soon."
He did so and I got on my knees. I grabbed his shoulder with one hand and the base of my cock with my other.
"Brace yourself my friend."
I had never entered a man in my life, but I had seen enough Greek art to know basically how it was done. The tip of my head pierced his anus. I felt warmth and tightness unlike any I had with Dejahs pussy. Kantor let out a scream as I tore into him.
"Ka....keeeee.....Keep going Carter, my love." He gasped as I with one final shove I inserted the last of my 12 inches into his loving ass.

I began to pound him, going in and out as much as I could, leaving my head always inserted. I used the rim of his ass to jerk me below the head, where I was most sensitive time and again. I moved my cock in and out and left to right, his ass gripping me tighter was he contracted. I could not believe it. Kantos had total control of his anal muscles and was using them to bring me quickly to orgasm.
"Kantos, you are amazing, my cock, it's going to blow...slow down."
"Ughhhh" I clenched my teeth as I felt the first spurt start to rise from my balls and make it's way down my shaft. I did my best to suppress the rest of the orgasm. I wanted Kantos to cum as well. I had not given his cock any attention and I could see it was at full length again.
I reached down and started to jerk Kantos huge snake, which was rubbing against the ground. I lifted the heavy member and bent it backwards between his legs. So long was it that it easily reached his own opening. I was at my end, Kantos was now moving up and down my cock at a fevered pace. Playing with his dick had made him twice as hot.
"I am cumming Kantos, By Issus I can hold back no longer. You are to powerful a lover." I started to spray in his hole. He moaned loudly as the hot cum filled him.
I took out my thick dick and jerked it off so that the next 5 spasms of white hot love covered his back.
"More John, spray more cum John! I have never felt so honored, or felt so filled as now with you."
I was exhausted, the orgasms had taken my strength.
As I came over and over, I took his cock in my hand and with one fell swoop I inserted his uncut dick into his own hole.
"UGHHHH what, what are you doing?"
Kantos head swung back filled with shock and pleasure. I pumped his dick in and out of his love hole.
"Ugh, Carter, I am cumming, I'M CUMMING!!!!" I felt the first load spray from the cock, so thick and rich was it, that the load felt like a steam engine making it's way down a track. I took out his his cock and affixed it to my mouth. I let the rest of the cum trickle down my throat, it tasted sweeter then any honey.

Kantos fell to the ground. He lay in a tepid state. I lifted him in my arms and kissed him softly, the sun illuminated us from behind. I carried him to his chambers and spent the day with him in his sleeping silks, were we continued to explore each others bodies for what felt like weeks.



While doing the story images, FallenAngel did this cool pin up of Kantos! It became super popular too! More then a little tease for his fans of what was to come. The shading under his arm is awesome.

Kantos with his head exposed for the fun of it, by FallenAngel. He is giving John an even better preview of his dick hee hee.

Well I hope you guys liked it. I want to really thank FallenAngel for doing so many great illustrations in such a short time. His character designs were so perfectly charming. His Kantos is yummy! XD I could go on for days about each image. I think what I loved the most was how he took my tube description of Kantos foreskin lips and really went with it. He created something I hadn't seen before and I loved it. He kept including it as well, which was just awesome. :) Always a king of imagination FallenAngel.

As well, Anma who I had the honor of being the first to commission worked very hard and fast on his image as well. I think Anma is another foreskin master and it was awesome to see him go over the top with my request, thrusting more and more of Johns fingers into Kantos foreskin. (wipes drool) Both guys turned out so hot too. His Kantos rocks so hard! He was great because he showed me every step and was open to any changes. He asked me what image styles I wanted to apply to my commission from his gallery right from the start and made sure I was happy with both guys overall design as he did his best to match the style of the classic comics.

Caravaggia was the biggest shocker of all. When I showed her the comics, she remarked that she loved the dots in the old printing style. I had no idea she would color John in such a way. I hurt from the smile that image created! XD Remember when they used to print fake comic panels on T-shirts and womans accessories in the late 80's and early 90s? This reminds me so much of that. Every thing in it is great, from the temple background, to the deep line art used to create her strong John of Mars. Really wicked stuff, if not for the cock, I am sure Marvel would put that in a tribute book! LOL.

Ivanhormy was called upon to create this second commission for me, cause he had proven himself fast, friendly and reliable with his first. Ivan actually went all out on the costumes, really adding something different to the boots and nice details on the jewelry and Jonhs harness. (The red emeralds look like they are glowing.) His take on the guys is so soft and sweet. They look like long time lovers, forever infatuated with each other. The romanticism of the scene is accentuated by the wonderful sunrise beating back the last stars of night in the background. Really love the foreskin he put on Kantos too. Very sexy! XD

Thanks again everyone! I could not have done it with out your support!


  1. Nicely done fic matches our art ^_^// Anma, Caravaggia, Ivanhormy you guys rocks! - FallenAngel

  2. great work guys!

    and Fallen Angel did a Great job on the series of images here! :)

  3. thanks urban :D - FallenAngel



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