Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Patrick Fillion

This blog might be a little late, but the gifts presented today were all right on time. I organized a little b-day surprise for the wicked cool Patrick Fillion a couple weeks ago. With his permission and that of the artists I couldn't be happier to present all these cool images to you. Everyone went over the top and created some cock thickening images. Let's start with the first one I commissioned back in July. LOL.
This one was done by the Great Urbanmusiq, an image of Joey being cleared before being able to attend Patricks party in Class Worlds famous Gateway City.

The Spot and Joey idea I came up with after reading the back of his trading card. I just remember it hitting me so fast and having to sketch it right away.
When I read the card I thought, put Spot in just a hat and badge and sketched that. Then Leon came up with putting him in the complete cop outfit. ;) Sweet!
As you can see Joeys design echos someone elses...

'Come on spot, I have never touched a drug in my life! I want to get to the Party and see Cam.'
'Sorry Joey, Standard procedure, we have to thoroughly check every guest.'
Joey Thinking: 'He's just trying to make me cum so he can have Cam all to himself.'

Joeys tan line came about from a joke I made about Joeys coloring and Leon the genius he is actually rolled with it. The tan line around Joeys perfect ass added a ton of sexiness to the image. I thought it would be really hot to have Joey caught fighting in the street and have Spot propping him up with a Billy stick. The strong fighter reduced to quivering putty in the dog mans hands. This was one of those ideas that was made for the artist. The second I had it, I contacted Leon right away. :) I love what Leon did with Joeys foreskin placement and the penis pose. How extraordinary is that? Spots face is so perfectly cute and focused on his objective. Looks like the billy stick will not be the only tool used for a thorough investigation. Urban has created a rendition of Spot that I am sure is the biggest and hottest cop to ever to walk the Gateway City beat. The spot light was another great addition from Leons ever creative mind. As always Leon was super professional and invited my input along each step. My greatest challenge was keeping my hands on my keyboard long enough to type a response! This is one of the most playful things Mr Musiq has created for me.

The second commission features Camili-Cat in his basket ball outfit from The Game. A person favorite outfit of mine. I had an idea of Teenage Cam, standing outside of his high school in the late afternoon. It would be the first week of school. The temperature would still be warm, but hints of fall could be felt already throughout the atmosphere. None of his friends showed up for Basketball practice due to the weather. He stands alone in the cool evening air embracing the rain. Being all alone and thinking of his hot friends has got him stirred. He proceeds to explore his body.
This is a wonderful color sketch done by Karulox. I love his rain. He brought so much spirit and raw emotion to this piece. Cam is portrayed in perfect ecstasy. I love the big hair he gave him! Very fitting of a what I would imagine Cam would don during his 18th year. (If he had a normal life that is.) The image embeds the very essence of a teenage lust.
Karulox was extraordinarily excited to get this request from me. He worked on this very quickly, having it done in about a day. His love of the character clearly shows in the results.

I know how much Patrick likes the Jedi Kit Fisto. I was originally going to ask everyone to just draw him, but that plan changed as I formed different ideas. FallenAngel and I came up with a cool idea for Mr. Fillions green boy to meet the Green Jedi. :P He worked on this when he was really sick. He spent many days on it and took it slowly, taking his time. The results of doing that shows in the final superb image. I really love his Kit. He is big and thick all over, from his massive cock to his gorgeous hair. He is a perfecf Alien stud! I think it rocks how he used Patricks image to ref the cock color. Nice one. As Always Fallen Loucs is very sexy. He looks very gleeful at taking in that levitating dildo. XD
Fallen is fine now and back to doing all sorts of art as you guys have seen. As I said in my last post he is now on a major roll and Kit is in my top 10 favs out his many images he has already created this year.
As Patrick said, the Jedi Council would NOT approve of this use of the force! LOL.

Mmm these two slinky slippery skinned boys are gonna have a great time together.

Keeping with the Kit theme, I asked Demona to whip out a little Chibbi kit enjoying some ice cream. There is something so gross, yet so fitting about glowing green ice cream isn't there? He's way cute and got a huge reaction from the birthday boy! XD After the ice cream Patrick can enjoy the massive hot dog...LOL. My favorite part of this is his extra big tentacle hair. It's like he has a bad ass afro. I like the way the shadow and the robe are aligned. Very stylish. Due to the stylization I would have to say this would make a great sticker. :)

Next we have something I am very honored to be able to host here on my site. Ink-Bs masterpiece of male perfection is below. One evening Ink-B and I talked for a long time about the perfect character to draw for Patrick. Many great names came up and we had a lot of fun thinking of them. In the end he decided to go with a Male version of Storm from Marvels X-Men. Inks goal was not only to create a nice gift, but he also wanted to pass his current skill level just for Patrick. Nothing less then that was going to satisfy him. I was given a preview that blew me away. I had no idea how far he was going to take this in the end.
Ink-B spent days on this image. Late one night, after countless hours at his PC, with his poor stomach empty, he enthusiastically sent me the jaw dropping image.
Enclosed was the follow message:

I hope Patrick F, will like this Male Storm in sexy pin'up style, i did it wif a lot of love! I made it more personal in my grafik style (from now i gonna put more and more of me)
huge kiss's Matt.

So much raw power! WOO! My heart exploded!!!

I can't believe how gorgeous this image is! Inks Storm is a pure Adonis. Chiseled to perfection. He looks so real, you would swear you an see him breathing. I want to reach out and touch his perfect face, just to make sure he really is just an image on my screen. His frame is a testament to manlyness. His eerie pearl like eyes look like you two two pearls from the sea and affixed them into the paper. Ink you often speak of leveling up and all I can say is if your life was Final Fantasy you would be able to kill one of the series insane secret bosses in one swing after this piece. XD

Urbanmusiq wanted to do one more birthday commission for Patrick and offered up the idea of attempting to do someone in the BoyToon Adventures Style. Diablo became the test subject. Urban drew him sitting in a cake, candle provided by um..natural means and icing courtesy of the giant members of Locus and Mako!

I have a funny feeling Patrick will be doing a lot more then blowing out THIS candle Urbanmusiq!

Wow! Urban didn't just attempt to mimic the style found in the wonderful pages of Boytoon Adventures he captured the style exactly! XD What an amazing feat. Diablo is one magnificent specimen. I love a man with a big hairy chest and shiny nipples! This guy has the gleam of hot raging passion in his eyes. Patrick wondered how Diablo had the patience to site there as the cake baked. :P Hee hee. I guess it was the thought of presenting himself to his creator that kept him hard throughout. (Or is it that he got hard and ruined the cake at the party?) Anyway you interpret it, this is one tasty treat!

That Urbanmusiq, what a wonder he is. He did this image in one go, sketch, inks, colors all in one day. Yet he didn't scrimp on the details and even added touches like shadows under Diablos horns. He's the Speedy Gonzalez of gay comics! :P I hardly had time to blink before it was done. He did a great job capturing the exact look and shape of Locus cock head as well. Hmmm I hope one day he will venture to do his full body too! :P

This image is by Aneros. I was looking to commission him to do a Zahn image for Patricks birthday. He really wanted to draw a picture of Zahn, so he did this as a request! That was very sweet of him indeed. ^_^ It's based on a very simple concept I offered him. In the end Aneros went a slightly different and exciting route, placing Zahn on a magical platform, on top of a sexy red blanket in the middle of a gorgeous forest. The image is outstanding as you can see. He really captured the essence of the character. He gave him a gorgeous chest and perfect abs. All the muscles, from his torso to his sexy legs and arms are magnificent. The way Zahns leg seems to want to burst from his boot and that huge uncut dick with its trial of pubes are my favorite aspects of his Zahn.

Well that's it for this time. Thanks again to everyone and many happy returns of the day Mr. Fillion. :)

Boytoon Adventures - An Erotic Gay Trade Paperback!


  1. Awesome bday gifts to Patrick , great work to all of you guys :D - FallenAngel

  2. Congratz Matt for getting these amazing artworks together!

    i'm sure Patrick would be really happy with all of these amazing pieces!


    PS: Ink B's Strom is a Stunner!! :)

  3. Awesome to setill find gifts for Mr. Fillion

    Ink-B art is soo amazing o_o and Fallen and Karu ^o^!!! But my fav must be Urbanmusiq art. Is soo colorfull and sexy o_o



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