Wednesday, September 1, 2010

John Carter and Tars Tarkas the Thark

It's been about a year since Neo completed this image and posted it. So I figured that along with the fact that I have been heavily reading the Marvel comics these last couple days, now would be a good time to finally post this up here.
I started ready Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books around 2005. They, like so much of Burroughs work are full of action, adventure and unbridled passion. There are not very many adventure stories from 1912 that featured naked male warriors running around with Goku style strength defeating hundreds of enemies.
I really liked the chemistry between John and Tars. Their friendship and honor thrives beyond race, species and size. In Tars Burroughs created a character that is noble despite his outwardly appearance. A man that sees beyond the traditions of his tribe and thinks highly of relationships with friends and family. I always wondered how close he and John could yeah I explored it with Neos help of course.
This was a great commission. Neo did a lot of research on his own. We went over the description of the Thark race found in the book time and again. Trying to make sure he was as close to the novels description as possible. The placement of the eyes and the size of the tusks we went over a couple times before coming up with a final design for him. (Picking out the proper penis head color was a lot of fun too.)
I had a few ideas for what Tars should be doing to John. Some made it, some just could not be done right. So Neo came up with the cool underwear pull off idea.
All in all one of our most creative efforts if I do say so myself. XD
Be ready for a lot more of these characters in the future. And if you have not yet, check out the books. You will be amazed at how many things in the books seem to have influenced many of your favorite stories, like Dragon Ball.

Reaction notes that someone was good enough to point who these two were and there is a joke here about how many filters you need to use on Y!Gallery so not to offend anyone, but really Neo was just doing it to have fun and be silly, not out of fear.

Thanks big time to ya Neo!! This is am image I have wanted to see done for YEARS. Thanks to Hushicho for explaining the series down there. Now I don't have too! XD This is all so great. One of my favorite book series by Burroughs, there is just so much raw passion in each chapter. Tars is defiantly the original green martian and the inspiration for everything that came afterwords.
Thanks for talking so much time working with me on this. Going over tons of images and trying to get the look down pat on both. They are amazing.
Also thanks for adding so much to it. My original pose needed a few changes and you really came through on the creative department!
I love your Tars and John to death! They are perfect. Not as perfect as that gusher of cum! Can't have enough cum! XD I love the background it gives this calm cool morning feel to the image that counterbalances the savage passion in the foreground. Gotta love the suite building and designs on the ruins. It's all so inspired. It feel like it's right out of the books.
You are the master man! Honestly this is a HUGE dream come true for me. And it was an honor to have you create this.

I don't know what is more impressive the image, or all the fricken filters you threw on it! XD LOL



  1. I recall this image, I believe! XD He did a swell job and the colors are quite vibrant as well as full of crisp detail. The background is also swell. :3 I am unfamiliar with that source material but that aside, good stuff!

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! One of my very faves from your commissions as well. The Jusko painting is an absolute winner as well. Look forward to seeing more JC in future. :D



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