Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A rival for Smilo? The Sloth appears....

Hey guys! Just a short blog today. I have been working on this character since the summer. Trying one idea after another, new faces, new hair styles, new body types, over and over again. I pitched him a few times and he was so crappy I don't think I got anyones attention. So after watching Avatar I decided to give my sloth man one last go. First off I decided that he needs to be massive. A 9 foot giant with a really big build. The first images of him looked very hippy like, long hair covering his face, a short human sized body and a big nose. So I changed that, gave him a cuter face and tried my darnedest to give him a better hair style. I changed his hands as well. Again I showed him around a bit. FeralElf was kind enough to sketch him last night. I pretty much feel in love with his big cute eyes and his huge bulging muscles. He's pretty spot on to what I had in my mind, so I am very excited to show him off here for the first time:

The guy pulling on his massive foreskin with his claw is called Garra Peluda. That's Spanish for something...I figure he is from South America.

Gotta love that pose! Want to explore under that foreskin? Yeah you do!!! XD FeralElf knew what I was looking for! ^_^ He gave him a really sweet build, big chest, long torso, huge nipples, the right amount of hair, even added some shag too and topped him off with an adorable face. I get lost in those big baby blues. He did such a quick job getting him on paper. In what seemed like ten minuets he had a great sketch that I right away ok'd for completion. He worked really hard today and completed him background and all! What a great guy to commission!!!!

It was hard for me to choose an exact fur colour for him. FeralElf was nice enough to let me see a couple colours for him. He was greenish at first, then sandy blond. I didn't want to go with brown cause that would make him too similar to Dimata. Green reminded me too much of Sid from Ice Age. I felt bad cause the image was coming along so fast, I hardly had time to think before Feral was like "DONE!!!" Thank goodness he is an artist who enjoys making sure the image is perfect for the customer.

I went with the one giant claw after looking at some images in Prehistoric Times Magazine. I kept seeing images of the animal Megatherium with one outstretched claw. So in order to keep the human to animal ratio still good, I decided to only have one finger this way. I think this will lead to lots of foreskin fun! LOL. Tonight after looking at images of more giant sloths I realize the tail might need to be added in future commissions. Though I don't know how pressing a feature that is. I like his firm butt sans tail that Feralelf did. Tails can be a bit bothersome....

As for a story, I imagine him as a character with a huge Crush on Dimata. He's a bit laid back in life, but in love he is very aggressive and takes what he wants. He would be about a foot and a half taller then Dimata and could easily push poor Smilo out of the way.... ^_^ I figure that would play well as Sabertooth Cats were not very good at taking down giant sloths! And Sloths could easily bully a Mammoth due to the size of both animals. Expect more of him soon! I hope you guys like him!

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