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Kaiju Contest Entries! It's Giant Japanese Movie Monster Man Sex Mayhem!

Hoo 6 am on a Saturday doing a post..this will be rough! XD
I had this idea for a while to do a Giant Movie Monster contest. I think what finally convinced me to go for watching a lot old videos on Youtube and seeing the passision a lot of fans have for these classic characters. I was not sure if the folks on Y would warm themselves to them. I asked artists a couple artists what their thoughts were and they were for it. So I very cautious opened the contest up last month. The doors were wide open, anything from Toho Studios, Ultraman, a series influenced by these characters, or even a persons on original creations. I was surprised at the amount of great original and creative images the contestants came up with. They knocked my socks off!
I delayed the poll for a bit due to a couple late entries. Since all the contestants were such great sports, I added a 5th prize and a bonus of $5 to each of the first four place prizes.

Well voting stars TODAY so if you have a Y!Gallery account, or know someone that does please feel free to stop by and cast your votes. Yup you can vote for more then one! The poll can be found here:

Here are the amazing entries! Thanks so much everyone!

1. From the SNK Game King of Monsters comes:
Astro Guy vs. Geo! A returning contender and buddy this is Lastmanouthere's entry!

Artists Comments:

The very first title my parents gave me for my brand new SNES was... the King of the Monsters (:dead: Great mom and dad; lucky for you you are better at other parenting matters.)

Anyway, if you never played it, it was a wrestling/fighting game with four giant monsters based in the likes of Ultra-man, king-kong, Godzilla, etc. The game was slow and boring, so the next time I ever thought of it was some 16 years later, when this contest was posted.

I hope you liked, as I enjoyed most of the creation of it (except for the background, though it turned out better than I had expected :happy:) If you do like it, please be kind and vote for me at Prehistoric Paradise before this month's 22nd, :kitty2:

PS. I forgot to mention, these are based more in Atomic Guy and Super Geon, from King of the Monsters 2, and while I consider them to be the very same ones from the first game, they look in the sequel is way cooler!

My reaction:

Very nice dramatic effect on the background. It looks the a great idea for a game box art! Man, you really surprised me with this idea. Very original! I had all but forgotten about this fun series. It's been forever since I played it. Excellent characters. Geon looks really cool! I will never look the same way at Astroguy again. He is WAAAAY SEXY with that big uncut dick! LOL. Great stuff man. Best of luck in the contest!

2. From the Toho Classic it's the Dog Lion Hero King Caesar Drawn by Frist time contender sweet Shanaou!

Artists Comments:

My first anthro, and contest :blush:
It seems like y!Gallery is a place of "firsts" for me :XD:

This is my entry for the Kaiju Contest from Prehistoric Paradise
Vote for me? Don't vote for me? Well, just vote :happy:

Thanks to Dinosaurprince for the contest.
This was fun and I learned a few things from drawing this :happy:

My Reaction:

OH wow it's Godzilla old Ally King Caesar and he is stunning! I didn't think I would see him show up! HA ha I really like the hip thrust as he shows of a massively thick foreskin covered cock! XD Talk about a proud show off! :lol: Very fitting!

Very cute with the tail between his legs and as mentioned below the swirls on the nipples rock! Wow you did an old school character total justice. He's stunning! Best of luck in the contest and thank you for entering! :heart::kiss:

3. Gozillas Eco enemy rises again thanks to
first time entrant the dear heated Guytoonist23.
Check out Hedorah, the Smog Monster... Man!

Artists Comments:

This is for Dinosaurprince Kaiju contest.

I picked Hedorah because he has a special place in my heart. Godzilla Versus the Smog Monster was the first Godzilla film I watched.

I don't remember much about the film twenty years later, save for the trippy 70's acid trips the Japanese youth had... FISH PEOPLE!!

My Reaction:

I am so in the same boat as you! I know I saw this on TV as a kid with my cousin, but all I remember is him sucking up pollution and only cause I saw that clip on Youtube. WOW the entries are really getting wicked. When you first told me you would do him I was like, NO WAY! How do you make him sexy, but you did it big time! His face hidden behind his gooey dreads is so cool and sexy. His eyes are dangerously sexy. Nice work on his cock! Hee hee love the hang on the foreskin. Never thought I would be saying he has a sexy body, but dang he does! I would do him. Might get ill for the second hand smoke though!
The red really fits the the creatures aura.
Fantastic job and I wish you the best of luck in the contest! :) :widesmile::heart:

4. Flying in from Colombia comes the winged Lion with the brain of a Man, Black Moth by first time contender, the cutie Karulox!

Artists Comments:

here is my entry for Prehistoric Paradise contest :P

a lil late... hope i can win the contest :P


this is... black moth····moth.htm

it is a kaiju from "Latitude Zero" movie i dont know but i like the design :D
was ahrder to choice between····n.htm#68 and black moth but i this this look great in my style...

hope you like it!!!

this is my first furry lol

My Reaction:

Wow I can't believe how fast you did this! It's very splendid. He's wonderful.:kiss::heart: LOL he's grabbing his tail! How cute. :heart::kiss: I too had to look this one up. Great character choice. All the entries are really creative for this contest! Really sexy hair on him! Great wings and super cool feet! Loving this. Great cock too! Yum! :blush:
Thanks so much for entering the contest and I wish you the very best of luck.

And Finally at #5 Battling it out in the U.S.A. is the King of Monsters Himself and his foe GODZILLA & GEZORA drawn by the wonderfully kind first time contender Maduinshorn.

Artists Comments:

For Prehistoric Paradise´s Kaiju Contest
Thanks to Dinosaurprince for extending deadline!
Poll will be post soon, vote for me!

My reaction:

Godzilla is a totally yummy here. Love the nice combination of human and creature for both. You balanced that perfectly. Gotta be turned on by both those thick dicks with the heads breaking through the thick foreskins. Can you imagine how big those are???? XD You would have to cling on to them with your arms and legs and push down with all your might to expose the heads! LOL. Who on Earth would have thought Gezora could be sexy? Man did you pull that off! He's so freaking hot. For a first time meeting, the boys look pretty happy to fight it I see a Tentacle penetrating Gozillas butt? HOT! The tentacles are really well done. I dig how big and thick everything on these two boys are. Very fitting. Fun background, it reminds me of an old movie poster in style. Magnificient stuff man! Best of luck in the contest.

First Place Prize: $40
Second Place prize: $30
Third Place Prize: $20
Fourth Place Prize: $15
Fifth Place Bonus Prize: $9

Good luck to everyone and tell your friends to vote!
Voting ends next Saturday Feb 27th.

Thank you all for contributing!

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