Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dream Commission from the Legendary AbsolutBleu! Prehistoric Hunks, Kangaroos, Cyborgs and More!

OK guys I'm just gonna kick right into this, if you don't know who Absolutbleu is you should go check out his blog and Y!Gallery page right now, cause he is one of the best and most influential gay artists of our time. I think he was the second person I discovered on Y!Gallery. He is know for cute, big buff men always having a great time. His art has a very happy inviting tone to it. I am honored to present this commission for the first time ever on my blog. He took on both my boys, Dimata, Smilo and included Ice-Man as well. Here is He-Man meeting my boys in a gay little Prehistoric Paradise....

Bleu took Dimata back to his original design, giving him a huge body and super long tusks. He looks like he is exhausted and dripping in the sweat of a long love making secession. XD With out a doubt, he's one of the cattiest Dimatas ever. His expression as he cums, with his ears drooping like that is priceless.
Absolutbleu had a ton and I mean a ton of questions for me. Everything from exact species, to the height and official colours of the characters were all very important to him. He as you can see did a very different and sexy version of Smilo. Making him all yellow and creating a bridge of hair between his eyebrows and hair. Very creative and ingenious. :)
The image changed a lot from start to finish. My original placement very different from the image you see before you. Bleu suggested this pose, which I feel in love with. It then went through a few more minor changes and touch ups along the way. Every stage went smoothly and quickly.
The end result is nothing less then a sexy masterpiece. It's like a painting, the boys had a very three dimensional feel. He-Man is just so hunky, I love the use of shadows on his outfit and the wonderful highlights in his hair. You can fell the fleeting warmth of the ancient Arctic sun. His uncut dick spewing tons of cum all over Smilos bountiful ass, will have guys dripping for years to come! XD
The background with the mountains, the swirling wind and the the sun light rising from behind them adds the feeling of place far from civilization, a cold lonely place lost and forgotten, where untold adventures and passions once raged.
Thanks so much man for this!

Since we are on the subject of well respected artists and Dimata, here is another wonderful image done by JCartblog. You guys remember his image of Dimata, it was so handsome, it's a shame I waited so long to ask him to draw him again. This time he paired him with the Slothman Garra. Check it out!

Just check out that chest and torso on Dimata! He is BUILT! Love the way his hair is placed around the top of his chest, then curls in the middle between those massive pectorals. What a friggen hunk and a half! The colours on the Sloth are just perfect, I am loving the dreads on his head and those cute ears! He is letting Dimata have his fun, but looks like he could take control any second. ^_^ This is all just so beautiful. The cocks are out so thick and sexy. The cave is wonderful with that view of a lost world through the opening, you can smell the misty air.
Thanks JC!

Now if that was not enough I have a lot more to share. I added a new poll, check it out. I think it's time that I moved on to more story driven images, even comics. I had a lot of fun working with FallenAngel last fall making a comic like set of commissions, so I want to explore that again. I recently wrote a short story for Carlos and Christer to explain their relationship a bit better. I need to find someone to take on this project. SO expect that some time, some day.. ^_^

For now I gotta show you all this image of Carlos Jcartblog did of him playing B-ball on the streets on NYC. It's really hot!!! Look at the size of that super big cock he gave him!!! He turned out really hot and sexy indeed. He used the design Lastmanouthere created as a basis and as I said with that image I do love that version of his shirt a lot. He also gave him a mesh arm covering as well, that looks great! A new sexy feature is always welcome.

Maduinshorn is such a great guy in so many ways. This guy loves to draw so much. This was a image he drew after i told him about Christer. He sent me a sketch the next day, I was really turned on and over the next couple weeks he finished it off for me. I love Chibbi Carlos!! XD

Here you really get a feeling for the size difference between the two characters. Christer is brick shit house of a boy. His skin shines with perfect colours, giving him a smooth appearance. It's like the shell of tasty man candy. I kinda want to suck on his chest! LOL. Love his glittering gems! His muscles are stunning, strong huge arms, rocky features, juicy uncut cock. Maduinshorn gave him a much rockier appearance then I could have drawn. I like the cracks on the body and how the arms are done in sections. Very creative indeed and sexy too...especially those knuckles with spikes on them! The guy's a mastermind. Mad was not sure if the Chibbi Carlos should stay, but it makes the image so funny and cute and this actually helped me come to terms with Carlos personality and their relationship too. Thanks man. People don't always realize how much seeing a character drawn with love and care professionally fuels me and helps me come up with more ideas, etc.

Following that theme of BUILT boys, take a look at Rikuo by Hoaigon, I can tell you that you have never seen him like this before!

Rikuo the Brazillian Masterpiece of Hoaigon.

You know that feeling when you see something and your heart falls into your stomach? That was my reaction to this. It is hard to put it into words that's for sure. He's statuesque, like a mythological God, he has never been presented so beefy, so pure and sexy. His eyes and face draw you in and whip your heart into a frenzy. His body would send men jumping into the ocean. There is so much to give praise about here, even the pearl has a reflection on it. I didn't think Hoaigon could out do himself after the last commission, but he did so and incited me to order more commissions form him. ^_^ An image Capcom would be proud to include as official art. Minus that sweet uncut cock of course... XD Truly a underrated artist people will benefit from meeting and exploring the gallery of.

Once again my buddy Inky-B has come through for me! He shocked me with this image of Joey early this week. I have been dying to share it on this blog! Never has he looked so rugged and sexy!!!! Check it!

It's scruffy and sexy Joey!!! Ink was going for a Hugh Jackman look!
This is a new wicked look for him! His hair is like he is right out of the shower and his facial hair is growing and manly! He is really strong looking and tough here. A powerhouse of sexuality.
His arms and legs, I just want to squeeze them! They are so BIG!!!! WOW! Can you imagine being that built? I could lie on top of him all day! LOL. He looks very strong, but also agile. I really love the colours used, they really add flavor to the image. Making it look very warm. Like his body is pulsating heat from working out...hard to explain, but it looks like he was working out and is full of strength. ^_^
I love his blond pubic hair! That is gonna stay part of his design. The feather is a great touch too! Very stylish.
Thanks Ink! This year he published an image showing how his style has changed and his art has improved over the last 7 years, It's an amazing journey and one that will inspire a lot of young artist to stick to their dreams. The ability to show this to a wide audience is something that was needed in generations past. In this day and age it is great to be able to share this with the world and get feedback from others. You can see it on his Deviantart page.

I have been really sick this last week and these images really kept me going. Sadly I am starting to hit the wall again, my head is starting to spin. So I have to cut this blog a little short, before I pass out. I will end this with another great Joey Image. This one by the ever talented FallenAgnel.

Joey Takes on Spot from Class Comics as Cam Lovingly explains the rules.

This just might be the first ever fan art of Spot from Class Comics! I know this is the first Triple Frot I ever asked for. Man that's really precum inducing! Spot is a really cute character and I knew Fallen would do him justice. He's got some great strong legs, a cute adorable face and and nice thick well detailed uncut cock. Joey is just perfect. He's got wonderful colours. I really like the dark skin against the light blue kerchief. I asked Fallen to make his ears bigger. (I could see where he shrunk them in the sketch.) I told him his original impulse was right and they turned out really cool. As you can see Inks feather made it into an image already! Looks great! His face is so handsome and his hair so perfect. Cam is always great by Fallen. I like the details on his spongy cock head were the crown divides in the front. You know you want to stick your tongue in there! From the first time I saw Spot, I imagined him as a fighter. He looks like he has a lot of spirit and strength. A protective and loyal character. I hope you guys like enjoy this concept.


  1. Wow, that's amazing!
    I wonder highlight 'cock fight competition' theme would be nice to be explored...

  2. That Ice-age He-man is waaaayyy to undressed for the ice--which is how men should be!
    I did recongnize the dildo drill bit as something familiar... I felt both honored and jealous that some other used one of my pics for inspiration, specially in good art :)
    The Rikou pic is awesome too, very muscular and sexy.

  3. Long poooossssts. It's hard to pinpoint what I like to talk about. XD Actually... Absolutbleu, seems like that's someone who draws up very pretty pictures. You got quite the prize there among other gems. I seem to gravitate more towards those people who draw big buffness, and he does that well! haha.



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