Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom 1st commission...And Darkstalkers Demitri!

The day it came out, I got the wonderful game Tatsunoko VS. Capcom. It's a laugh riot. I found it really easy to get into and play. My buddy and I played late into the night. It is guaranteed to take you back to the turn of the century when Capcom cross over games were still all the rage. Ha I felt 18 again! LOL. While playing it I of course noticed that some of these characters were really sexy and some pairings need to be done. I kept thinking about Ken the Eagle. I think Battle of the Planets with the first Anime I can remember watching. I remember fighting with my brother over not wanting to to watch it many times. XD Of course I did like the show a lot, but had seen all the episodes more then enough then any 5 year old could handle. Well many moons have passed since then and I had long forgotten how hot Ken was. The artwork in the game quickly reminded me. I also go to thinking we need to do some crazy cross overs with characters that didn't make it.
So I asked kamagi06 to take on Ken Meeting my old fav Donovan. Here we go!

This image started off a bit differently. I asked Kagami to rip open Kens outfit, but when I saw it I realized his soft smooth costume is much sexier left intact. He really did these two justice. His Donovan is a vision of loveliness. That cock is one for the record books. It's rare to see such a gorgeous and thick foreskin on such a regal head and shaft. Truly a masterpiece of design. The foreskin pull going on with Ken is rare to see as well. Very intriguing! Gotta love hard nipples pushing through that erotic! Donovan could fit right in a Capcom manual! HA! The background is very dreamy as well. It is based on Donovans from Nightwarriors, topped with nice sparkling balls, making the image that much more romantic. Kagami06 didn't need much direction at all, the whole thing came together quickly and smoothly.

I noticed that Shanaou was doing requests and I just could not help but ask for her to take on Demitri and Rikuo involved in some friendly foreskined frot. She is one of the nicest new talents to arrive on YG. Still, I was so afraid to ask!

I was totally blown out of the water by this. First off, it was up before I could blink and second off it features one of the most rich colouring jobs outside of Capcom official art I have ever seen. You feel like you can reach out and feel the silk of Demitris outfit and the soft smooth skin of Rikuos face.

I have to give partial credit to Urbanmusiq who's love of the vampire prompted me to to request him. Oh I love Demitri to no end as well, he is one of my favorites, but I often forget to request him.

My reaction:

Wow this is just fantastic. The colours are so vibrant and both are so dang sexy. I love the foreskin action, especially with Dimitri. The foreskin wrinkles are so well done and life like. Rikuos face is so handsome. His nose is very cute! His frills and details are beautiful. Dimitri is very sexy and desirable. Love the glowing eyes and his big rippling muscles. Your art is always so outstanding. Thanks so much for drawing this for me! :heart:


  1. More arts featuring fighting games. Kinda brings back some memories of commissions you got a year ago. XD Still, they're some good additions to you collection. Nice stuff. :3

  2. Hey, it's been a long time since the last batch of Darkstalkers fanarts ! ^^ Good to see them again.



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