Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Zahn, Cauldron and Vann Illia Circle Jerk

Hey guys! I have the second threesome image that Guanino did for you all to enjoy.   It's really something else.  As you can see the men are beautifully laid out.  With the missing background and bed for them to be on, it looks like a lost piece of animation!  A Class Comics animation cell? That could be a rumor I could have started with this!  Actually, the fact is, that is what it was pretty much going to be. A piece of animation! This three way circle jerk between barbarians was set to be the starting point for our first ever game. Sadly it was not to be. Months after I was shown this, I was made aware that unfortunately the file had been corrupted.  The toll of the animation was too great on Guaninos computer and what had been started, had been lost.  I tragic loss.  I would have loved to have salvaged this. Perhaps in a future project this may happen, but for now Guanino suggested doing something else.  So he and I are moving forward with a new idea for a nice animation.   He spoke wanting to do future animations and the like together and I was very happy to agree to that! ;D 
So let these last two images stand as a base for the possibilities of the future!  For now I am very happy to be able to share this wonderful image with you guys!  Thankfully these were not lost. I even included the lines below as they are equally stunning with out their coloring. Looks like a lost page of the Conan graphic novel we all would have longed to see in the 90s! XD hee hee.  

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