Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Embracing Egyptology

Tonight I proudly present the newest piece by my friend Leon De Leon, artist for Class Comics and DNA magazine. With the warm summer weather finally beating back the cold winter winds, my mind started to long for exotic locations.  What is more hot and exotic then ancient Egypt?  A picture of one of it's greatest Gods by Leon, that's what! I decided to pair Marshall with Anubis again, since the two had not been together since the comic that FallenAngel and I did a couple years ago and Leon had never drawn them before.  First are always exciting and this picture proved that ten fold. 

Leon chose the perfect skin tones, mixing in pure ebony and ivory, for an image that illustrates racial harmony in the most passionate of ways.  The Marshall may hail from about 90 years ago, but he is not someone who gives much thought to what race someone is.  The same applies to Anubis, who you may think would favor his own race, but in truth is only capable of judging someone by their heart alone!   Marshall Copeland our explorer of worlds past, with his sweet milky white skin, contrasts perfectly with the charcoal skin of Anubis.  The two men, one a God and a mortal are equally match in body, beauty and cock size.  They frot and kiss, pulling each other closer and trusting constantly, till they simultaneous cum!  

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  1. Thanks for the kind words and so glad you liked it!
    -Leon :)



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