Sunday, June 29, 2014

Do You Want To Smurf Around?

Once again I am fighting sickness to bring you guys some hot sexy art!!! Preparing all this stuff to post has got my fever rising way too much! :P  Todays picture came to be because of something I owned when I was younger.  Smurfs are generally viewed as squeaky clean, always kind, etc by the general public. Fans of the show and comics know that is not always the case. They fight, bicker and act like well...regular people most of the time!  That being said, I was still shocked when I got a sticker that had a Smurf covered in kisses, saying "Do you want to Smurf Around?"  Even my young mind knew enough to know this was pretty risque.  Surprisingly it's an official thing, that was placed on stickers, buttons, key chains and God knows what else in the 80s.  When I commissioned Lay last month, I knew exactly what I wanted him to do!  ;D I decided we should take it a few steps further.  Really get sexy with the concept.  Hey, might as well show what really happens when you Smurf around right? It's always so much fun to watch someone do a sexy Smurf and Lay does one heck of a muscle laden little man!   Really love the gentle eyes he gave the character.  They really fit well.  Almost elfish.. We left the kisses off.  After all, in a village of  97% men, you know who he is really after... Vanity doesn't wear lip stick!  ;D

Check out the girth on that Smurf!!! That cock is scrum-diddly -umptious!

It was beyond awesome of Lay to offer to do a version with the characters pants off as well.  Now we can all enjoy those beautiful blue legs and feet!!!  Actually lay was very generous. This turned out not to be a commission at all, but a birthday gift! He's such a sweet guy!!!

 Here is the an image I got from the net and the one we used as a bases for the picture. My sticker had a white background and if I remember correctly had a pink outline around the character.  I still have the sticker, but I have no idea where it is at the moment. It was from one those sticker rolls, where you tear off the amount you want.  I never stuck it to anything.  It just stayed in, or on my desk for years.


  1. Umm isnt that Vanity Smurf? - FallenAngel

    1. Nah, I think it is just a random Smurf. Vanity isn't into anyone but himself. :P



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