Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hot Hung Hefty Lets It Hang

Happy Canada Day everyone. I'm starting to feel a bit better, so I decided to post up more sexy Smurfs! Todays blue boys come courtesy of Genelightfoot, who created this big, buff Hefty Smurf for me last month. I always thought it was funny and a bit sad that he works out all the time, but is stuck with the same body as every other Smurf. Genelightfoot provided Hefty with the perfect muscle laden body he always wanted. Damn!  Heft is ready for the cover of muscle-Smurf magazine. Of course we went with making him more human looking then the cartoon.  The tilted hat was a nice touch to show off the rumored fact that Smurfs are bald.  Coupled with the large chiseled jaw, they give Hefty a bit of a tough guy appearance.  Hope you guys are as enchanted with it as I am!

In unbeknownst to me this wasn't Genelightfoots first Smurf!  Under his Skyboy16 name on Deviantart, Gene has posted a couple takes on Vanity Smurf.  They must be very popular, cause they came up right away when I did a google image search for Vanity Smurf!  Funny enough, back when I started Smurf Village I thought of a comic between these two characters.  Hmmm...is this sign to move forward with that idea? ;D  Here is his second take on Vanity.  He's got a sweet swimmers build.  I think he is showing his ass of to Hefty to tempt him! ;P hee hee. 

You can check out the original posting and hunt for the other Smurf image on Gene's Deviantart page by clicking here!

I'm still playing Smurfs Village.  My village was featured about a month, or so ago.  I am finding it a bit boring as of late though. They added a cool looking Star Gazer tower that causes a meteor shower, which is nice.  They also added a new constellation statue.  To unlock it, you have to gather stars and place them on a picture of the constellation. It's pretty funny that you have to place the final star right in the Scorpio Smurfs ass.  Tell me that wasn't done on purpose.
Oh baby, Smurf it to me, right in the ass!

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