Monday, July 21, 2014

SURVEY: The Fate Of A Centaur King.

Hey guys, I was very prevailed to be sent a copy of Space Cadet #2 early last week.  Since my initial going over it, I have leafed through the book many, many times.  (It's really something else.)  I have a full review, with lots of insights into the comic coming tomorrow.  Tonight though, I want to talk about one particular part of the book, the afterward entitled "A Little Context" written by Patrick Fillion. In it he explains that a lot of people had issues with the story line of the first Space Cadet.  This isn't exactly breaking news.  It was being reminded of that again, right after finishing the new story, that drove it all home a bit more...cause I am very sad to say, Strider and Vallan, do not do much at all in this second volume of the Space Cadet Saga.  We all knew that their appearance in this book would be lessened.   The afterward though, left me wondering how much hate there was for these wonderful characters, to make Patrick and Fraser kick them to the side like this?  Why did I think that?  Well the first sentence in "A little context" mentions hate.  And their lack of being there, got me associating that hate with not just the story, but the characters as well.  It breaks my heart immensely to think that there was so much hate for them, because the first book was one of the influential comics to come out of Class Comics for me.  As you guys are well aware, my entire stable of Centaurs spawned from the forbidden/taboo love between Strider and Space Cadet.  The story had a prorogued effect on me, that has lasted for years.  I was not expecting that to happen at all when I started to read it!

On this site so many of the posts featuring centaurs, especially those featuring Space Cadet and Strider routinely make it into the weekly top ten spots time and again.  They have a tenancy to sneak back in long after their initial posting.  So I always figured fans at least liked these characters very much, even if they were not fans of placing Space Cadet in this setting.  I find the disdain for Cadet among mythological creatures odd, because Cadet has always been flexible.  He appears in a variety of situations in his pin ups and comics.  Though, he is usually at home fighting crime in the city, he seems like the kind of character that can go anywhere, like any true space adventurer.  (Much like someone from Star Trek.)

While Patrick assures us that Strider and Vallan will not be forgotten, I couldn't help but have a rush of different emotions pertaining to their ultimate fate hit me.  On top of giving my two cents (Which let's face it I have done for 4 years!) I thought, let's make a way to get fans to speak up on their thoughts of the current characters. So on Friday, I made up my mind to ask a couple artists in helping me set up this blog and I did a survey to get your opinion on the current Space Cadet Situation, the Fate of the Centaur King.   Please feel free to fill out the survey below and tell me what you think of the current Cadet situation! 

A huge thank you to FallenAngel and Gene Lightfoot, who went above and beyond to draw these images so quickly.  As well a huge thank you to Zerimar, who helped with the text and Lastmanouthere and  Yelmo for great survey site recommendations.



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