Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reptile Man Hunk Pre-cum Play By Gene Lightfoot

Hello Guys!  It's Saturday morning and that means it's the perfect time for Reptile men like Kraw Lash here to get out of bed, lay down on the rocks and absorb the heat of the morning sun.  There is nothing like having breakfast doing a little exercise and then just relaxing on the rocks for his kind.  Like any young man finding himself alone and naked, his thoughts soon turn to his nether regions.  As his body is fueled by the heat, Kraw's loins are filled with ragging passion.  His dick soon stands tall and proud, getting harder and pulsating more and more as he continues to absorb energy from the sun.   He looks proudly at it and the long shadow it casts across his abs. Kraw Lash uses his tail to prop his hips up even higher, so that his dick head is aligned perfectly with the sun in his point of view.  Pre-cum starts to bubble out of the tip of his foreskin.  He flexes his shaft, swaying it to and fro.  As he does this, he feels the foreskin stretch and slide halfway down his big pink head.  As it retracts, a pool of pre-cum cascades down his shaft.  It's sweet scent fills the air.  He dips his fingers in and tastes the clear treat over and over.  His balls grow to twice the size as they fill with semen. 
His young male body is now perfectly primed for a long mating session.  Kraw Lash has a choice now: he can give into temptation and jerk off several times, or he can lie in the sun, absorbing more and more energy, waiting for a potential mate to be lured by his scent.  He chooses to ignore the ache in his balls for now and wait.  If there is one thing reptiles are good at, it's laying in wait....

This summer mornings beautiful piece was drawn by Gene Lightfoot.  The fist time he has draw Kraw Lash and it is a sight to behold indeed. Now if only I could find the desert that Kraw is lounging about in, this would be a perfect day. :P    

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