Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dinosaur Prince And The Earth Orb

Dinosaur Prince is far more then a simply ruler of reptiles.  He is the son of the Earths guardian spirit and inheritor of the Earth Orb, a magical device said to be as old as the planet itself.  In his hands it has seemingly limitless powers over the forces of nature.  Only the purest of heart can wield it properly, but despite this many seek it.  For with it's power the Earth would be theirs to rule for eternity.  Luckily for all on the planet, the Dinosaur Prince's power flows from within and is not totally reliant on the artifact.  His saga through the ages and into the far future is one I wish to be able to tell one day in comic form.  For now at I this beautifully dreamy image by FallenAngel to share.  A promo if you will, of things to come in the future.  Thanks so much Fallen for doing such a super job on this! 



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