Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our King Cold Returns! Tensontlisetl By Lastmanouthere

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't populated the kingdom with new images for almost a week now. I had a busy weekend and fell ill over the last couple of days. Ugh..still not over it. I was weak earlier, but looking at Lastmans lasted creation helped me gathered enough strength to get off my duff and it share with you guys! :D  Unlike my meds, his second rendition of Tensontlisetl goes down smooth. ;D  It's our second sexy daddy image of June! Hee hee!

The Mayan forest freezer returns, descending down some steps.  You've wandered right into his territory and he is not happy!  He's resting on a huge ice pillar, but it's really the solid pillar between that is most impressive is size and strength.  His cock is longer then his off! XD  Even flaccid it looks like it could be used as a blunt weapon.  And in fact it is!  Don't let that cock hypnotize you as it swings side to side.  His slow decent down the stairs is meant to provide the right motion, in order to do so.  Look away, or you may find yourself a sacrifice on his alter of eternity.  Only Nehme is brave enough to save you from the fate that awaits you there.  If you do need his help, you better hope you have some gold for Nehme, as he's not exactly know for being a good Samaritan...

You can imagine my surprise that Lastmanouthere chose to pick a character we have not touched since 2010. You can also imagine my remorse, seeing a character with so much potential on display in this image, that we just left to the side for far too long.  I had a moment of realizing I need to get my ass in gear on more comics.  Thank you once again for another inspiration image Lastman.  I so look forward to what you have up your sleeves for us next!

 Totally off topic, but I just started to play Shovel Knight a few hours ago. I have been eagerly awaiting this game for months now.  It's basically made like an 8 Bit Nintendo game.  It's sort of like a cross between Link's Adventure and Ducktales, with music that sounds a bit like something from Mega Man.  I have only beaten a couple stages so far.  I really like what I have played though. I'm enjoying what feels like a game that is trying to be fun, instead of trying to be the hardest thing ever.  It's refreshing actually, as I find far too many of these indie games made in the old school style are trying to one up each other in the difficulty department.  That's great for some of us, but makes for a lot of games I can't recommend to friends, or family.  Recently I gave up on the 1001 Spikes, not because it was hard, but because that was all it was; HARD.   It was another game I had been looking forward to, for years actually.  I got a blast out of it for the first 4 worlds, or so, but I discovered the experience started to become more and more empty.  The joy I felt in beating the stages started to fade away.  There just wasn't anything else to it, but it's difficulty.  That's all well and good if you are into a giant dick measuring contest, but I want a little more from my adventure games.  You just strapped yourself in to die dozens of times till you learned the pattern of the level.  Most of which you had to learn by dying, due to invisible traps. UGH. Sorry that is just not good game design.  It was just constantly testing me and I found myself turning to Mario Kart 8 more and more.  Why?  Cause I would rather waste my time having fun.  Even Spelunky knew how to let you have fun, with power ups and stuff. Maybe I just was playing it wrong, or something.  I got my thrill from it, then never returned.  Maybe I will one day.  But Shovel Knight, oh boy!  It makes you feel like you are playing some long lost Capcom classic from the late 80s, or early 90s. I have not gotten far, as I said, but dang, it's a fun ride so far!!  Check out the cute art!


 Love the digital manual that looks like an NES one.  MORE GAMES TODAY NEED THIS!!!! Sadly the WiiU version doesn't come with this. At least, not that I could see. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH...I am not paying for the game again on Steam.  I think it's total bullshit that Nintendo players get ripped off this way.  (Especially considering it's Nintendo they are paying homage to...oy.) 

Is that Horse Head from Zelda????
 La la la, looking for treasure....


  1. It has been a while, indeed! Last we saw him was this pic, where he'd trapped Nehme. Nice to see him again -- thanks DP and Lastman!

  2. That looting the treasure chest was awesome and cute I see the gameplay in youtube its good..wish he can level up semi action RPG :) did you get relics and new armour? - FallenAngel



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