Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cute KO With Joey By Gene Lightfoot

Hello everyone!  I've been KO'D by some hot art featuring Joey from Genelightfoot in the past, but this one came right out of nowhere and got me right in the groin. (In the best possible way.)  Man, this is such a lovingly detailed birthday gift from Gene.  He's too cool!  Joey freaking sparkles on the page, as each muscle so well highlighted.

Joey ends an especially hard workout with a slam that sends the punching bag flying!  Seeing his downed 'sparing partner'  Joey decides to take out the ever mounting frustrations in his gym shorts on the bag!  You can just hear the punching bag squeak and groan as Joey humps it with his big uncut dick and slides his perfect ass all over it.  Gotta love how Joeys cock head is poking out of the foreskin, like a flower ready to bloom! ^O^  Poetic, no? Thanks again Gene! You rock!

This picture makes me want to hum the Punch Out theme!  Too bad I can't do it half as well as this guy does!

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