Friday, October 21, 2011

Belvadar Vs The Headless Horseman By Caravaggia

The Halloween posts continue today with a holiday treat from Caravaggia. I can't wait to ask her to do something Halloween themed each year. She loves the holiday, but in the country she lives, Halloween doesn't get much respect. (Seems to the be same in my neck of the woods as well these days.) Anyway, Caravaggia always adds lots of spice to her commissions, so you know she's really gonna cook a witches brew up with one involving a subject that is of her hearts desire. Yes I have her drawing Centaurs AGAIN! I love her designs and each time she draws cooler and cooler horses!

Late one night before Halloween, Belvadar snuck into the bed chambers of the Headless Horsemen. While said party was otherwise 'engaged', our hero replaced his flaming pumpkin top with one of plastic. Belvadar then jumped on Zalus back to make quick his escape. Unfortunately the two were found out. The specter gave chase, all the while wearing the wrong set of clothes! What was he doing in that room, that occupied him so? Only the shadows on the wall know, but I think these clothes are a good indication...
Zalus speed was no match for the horsemen. He quickly feel behind and gave up the chase. This year he would not terrorize innocents with fire and smoke. Maybe this year he will cool it a bit and enjoy some trick, or treating instead. After over 200 years, maybe it's time he had a little fun on Halloween. :)

The image was originally just going to just be Bel and Zalu, when I first conceived the idea in my mind. I drew the Horseman standing in front of them, halting their progress in the sketch, but I wondered if it might be a bit much. Ha ha ha! Silly me! XD This is Caravaggia and she loves to doodle lots of characters! Caravaggia loved the idea so much, she even added even more to the image. She switched the position of the Horsemen and that led to the gag with the plastic pumpkin. I decided to ask her to really add some steam to his pursuit (hence the angry puffs of smoke.) From there it was no time at all before I had a colored Halloween treat on my hands. The moonlight from the skull faced man on the moon, following the two heroes as they escape down a lonely grass road is totally brilliant. This is her second time drawing both Belvadar and Zalu. She wanted to give Bel some Tim Burton inspired curves to his wings. (Very cool.) Asnd as mentioned her Zalu is amazing. The horse body is beautiful and he's nothing to sneeze at either. ;) He's hunky stuff in that white dress shirt!
This Halloween I hope you guys don't have to run from any deadly hunks!

Todays Halloween Classic comes from 1937. It's the cartoon Skeleton Frolics. If it bears more then a slight resemblence to Walt Disney's Classic Skeleton Dance, this is because it was animated by the same person: Ub Iwerks. He had left Disney for a period in pursuit of a solo career. The animator would later rejoin the Disney team.

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  1. Poor Headless maybe he can join in with Pugot :D - FallenAngel



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