Saturday, October 22, 2011

Marshall's Egyptian Halloween

Hey guys! I got the final page of FallenAngels newest comic just hours ago and I HAD to spring it on you all right away. I had a rough day, but his art really cheered me up. (I have been having a lot of rough days it seems! XD) I can't believe how fast he produced this little comic. The process was over before I knew it. But for all his blinding speed, nothing is rushed. Each panel is brimming with fun. Tons of cute in jokes, cameos and sensuality grace each page. The mans a miracle worker. He's made a sweet Halloween treat for DPK! Marshall's got a job to do for his friend and with us directing, you know he's gonna get more then he bargained for!

So Come with us now, as Marshall Copeland goes on an adventure within the Egyptian Wing World located somewhere in the mysterious
1920's Museum!

Story By DinosaurPrince
Art By FallenAngel.

This story came about pretty quickly. I had a few Marshall ideas involving him in the underworld. I always wanted him to meet Anubis. With Halloween fast approaching I decided to can those ideas for now and just think of something a little more Holiday themed. I parked my butt at the PC and just drew one panel after the other without hesitating. I had it in it's roughest form for FallenAngel along with a script in one sitting. (See below.)
Of course we took silly liberties with the characters. Min is a God I wanted to use in a strip for decades. My local museum has a statue of him, which of course was always being giggled at by my friends and I when we were all kids. (Okay when we were adults too! XD) Being the god of reproduction, always pictured with an erect penis, I am kinda surprised how long it took me to use him. (Even if we only used him for a cameo.) I let Fallen have his way with him. He really studded him out.
Well I hope you guys enjoyed out little strip. More Halloween fun tomorrow.



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