Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FallenAngels Peter Pan, Back By Popular Demand!

Let it never be said, I don't notice what posts get a lot of attention around here! XD There was an outcry to see more Disney Characters drawn by FallenAngel as well. So, I proposed a little image of Peter giving it the King of the jungle, Tarzan! XD I insisted on keeping most of Peters clothes on. I am not sure if fans want to see him naked fully, or not. FallenAngel draws him killer with those clothes on. I was really impressed with his bootylicious Tarzan as well. He's smooth on the eyes! XD The men are wonderfully toned, in more ways then one! Enjoy guys!

So, who should Peter meet next? Hercules? Eric? Aladdin? Tron? The sky's the limit. ;P

Hey, here's a holiday treat! I found this page where Donald dons a knight Costume that has big spiky boobs on it! Looks like this costume out dates Madonnas by a few decades! LOL!


  1. :D nyahahahaha- FallenAngel

  2. I would love to see Peter Naked and hard and giving it to Aladdin. That would a real turn on. They are both young and hot. Peter is my favorite but never see "enough" of him.



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