Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Magic In The Night Sky By FallenAngel

Good evening Boils and ghouls! It's almost HALLOWEEN! Ah, you can almost smell the pumpkin flesh in the air already!!! I know I could when I got these images!!! I was going to save these two from Fallen till tomorrow, but I decided that since it's already Halloween in his home country, I really should present them now! Today I have a double dipped holiday treat from FallenAngel. Fallen has proven to be quite the holiday master this year. He's really become the king of gay Halloween, with his images for this blog, his Grinner story and his Pumpkin King tale.
I bow to him!

First off, a picture that is full of love and wonder. Fallen did this one in less then a day! :O We almost forgot to do a picture of Mr. Scarecrow and Mr. Crow this year. It's a holiday tradition we just couldn't forget. The truth is the days passed by so quickly and we were having so much fun, we couldn't believe it was almost Halloween when we started. XD
Here, Mr. Scarecrow enjoys the beauty of the night sky, while Mr. Crow enjoys the beauty of his friend and lover instead. :)

This image takes place late into the evening, when night is at it's darkest and playful ghost cover the moon. That is the best time for passionate youth to settle down in the pumpkin patch and caress each other. As their love explodes down below, the sky above is ablaze with the falling pumpkin comets. Where each one falls, a superior patch will appear next year. One that will be perfect for two lovers to meet and enjoy the wonders of the Halloween sky next year. ;)

With his awesome toning style and explosive background, we have another superior entry in our little Halloween series of unlikely lovers. I think this is the hottest these two have ever looked. And that's not an easy task, considering the previous entries. During the sketch I started to throw in ideas for random stuff in the night sky. Fallen must have thought I was crazy when I said pumpkin comets! LOL, BUT they turned out to be very sweet, don't you think? XD You may notice a couple cameos in the shot as well. hee hee...Love the design on the patch and cottage. Too cool!

This picture was actually done first. It's the cover for our new story about Belvadar. It will be a bit Halloween themed. It will, like so many Tree house of Horror episodes have to premier after the holiday. :P Belvadar plays a magical pipe, that is the witches delight, but at what cost will it his new found talent come? You will find out next month! (I hope!)

Yes it's a non porny picture, but dang if Belvadar doesn't look super sexy for the lack of penis! XD Those legs are friggen epic. I want a nibble! :P Fallen always goes all out, but I think he really did something too awesome with that bendy haunted castle and the cute little witches against the full moon. He also brought back the owl from the Jasper image, to play along with Belvadar. How delightful!!! That skull sure gets around. Even more then Lachuck from Monkey Island. Just how did he get up into that tree? XD The ghost is also a cameo character. You can find out from where by checking out his pixiv account. ;)

Well folks, I am about ready to start doing the official count down to the Simpsons Halloween special. Friends are on the way over. I have my Jiffy Pop at the ready. My chips and dip all set and the pizza is on order. It's small, but very special Halloween tradition each year. Even if we do have to hold it after the holiday some years! With that, I bid you, have a very safe and extra Happy Halloween! Lots of love from FallenAngel and Myself! If I don't blog tomorrow, remember to eat a piece of candy for us. ;P

Check out FallenAngels Tale of the Pumkin King on his blog, it's sure to get you even more into the holiday spirit!


  1. :D fralalala enjoy skippity-hop!hop! - FallenAngel

  2. Happy Halloween. XD
    Really lovely Halloween pics. :D



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