Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tonias Halloween Trek

It's time to continue our Haunted Halloween blog posts. Tonights victim is none other then Tonia. He's taken a wrong turn and wound up in a Prehistoric boneyard Thanks to FallenAngel!

We took some inspiration from Scooby Doo and Ranma while making this image. Tonias looking super hot in those ripped jeans. Fallen took my concept and removed the tattered shirt completely, making it a lot sexier. I wonder if that's a relative of Dimatas resting behind Tonia? XD Make sure you take a good look at the graveyard for the gag. Thanks so much for this totally creepy spookfest Fallen.

This is my original sketch of the scene. Just something I whipped up at midnight...

Since I am doing a lot of Halloween posts, I fell like posting a few classic clips I find on youtube, along with these. This is THE DEVIL AND DANIEL MOUSE. It came out in the late 70s. I didn't see it till I was in Grade 5 years later. It's considered by some to be a Canadian Halloween classic. Truth is, I have never seen it on TV. Even our Teletoon Retro hasn't played it. I always liked it, though the ending isn't the best. I think it's Nelvanas second special. My school library had the Jr novelization of it. I remember watching it on a projector in class. My best friend was CRAZY for this. He begged the teacher all year to get it and finally she did around the end of the school year as a surprise to him. Enjoy!


  1. Booooooooo~~ :D -FallenAngel

  2. Don't scare me out of my pants now! :P *Shorts fall down.* XD

  3. I always like your original little drawings. They remind me of doodles past American president's used to make sometimes-

    Also that movie was so AWESOME! I really love those old weird 70's animated films. They can be very conservative (folk music is wholesome and good! Disco and RocknRoll are just glitter and EVIL!)

    I don't know...I kinda want to draw Jan now in her crazy friggen outfits ^^;

  4. Thanks Jubell! Oh presidential doodles, makes them sound much better then mine are for sure! XD
    Yeah this is a pretty nice special. It's a shame it has all but fallen under the radar. I think that would be a really great idea to draw her! I for one would love to see that.



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