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Camili-Cat Changes Review

When most people think of how long Cams been around, they probably assume he appeared in the late 1990s. Truth be told, Patrick Fillion has been drawing Cam since his childhood. So after over 20 years, Patrick felt it was time for a change. I am sure Cams appearance has changed from time to time. It's certainly evident in some of the early art you can find flying around the net. It's really fun to see an artist take a stab at a new design for a character they have been drawing similarly for years. I had the honor of being among the fist to see this change. I saw the new Cam on the same day I saw Kung Fu Panda 2, but it was his new appearance that gave me a real Skadoosh that day, not the movie. ;P

The story titled 'Changes' will be eventually included to the next installment of the Rapture series. This tale however is so exciting, it was felt it deserved a stand alone release long before the rest of the book is ready for publication. I couldn't agree more. Truth be told, Changes is really a sequel to the Locus comic released earlier this year. In fact you would do well to read it before, or at the same time you pick up Changes. A friend of mine didn't do this and had a heart attack when I certain story element came up near the end of Changes.

The short story has Cam looking for Locus, which of course we all expect him to be doing. Sadly, his venture leads him into the clutches of Dr. Pupae while traveling through Sektan territory. The mad doctor commandeers his ship and holds Cam prisoner threatening to destroy his ship with him in it, if he doesn't comply. Cam is all alone now, so he has little choice to do as told, despite the doctors lack of right in the situation. Cam is quickly subdued and what follows can only be describe as an erotic experience unlike anything you have seen, or read in a Class Comic book.

Cam travels by himself now. Even his ships lighting seems to accentuate his mood.

They say everybody has to grow up eventually. In a sense it seems that now that time has come for Cam. The look Cam is left with seems very fitting. Cam now looks a bit older and more mature. His hair is trimmed short, his sideburns have grown out a bit thicker and he has a cute goatee. All this makes his profile very neat, tidy and super handsome. Even the wild bangs on the end of his tail have been removed, making his tail look like that of a domesticated cat. Perhaps this was a subconscious nod to his new found mind set to settle down with Locus? Hmmm. :D

Yet, don't worry Cam will never lose his wild side. His body hair follicles have been manipulated and his hair been allowed to grow out. His chest, abs, legs and balls are now adorned with some sexy fuzz. The kind you just want to rub against over and over. It all works to make Cams body look bigger, stronger and more defined then ever. This is exactly what Dr. Pupae wants. Cam is now close to being invulnerable. The look perpetuates that perfectly!!! He looks super pumped and more ready for action then ever! He has kind of a MenAtPlay sort of look, I guess you could say. I have a theory that many of Cams new attributes will feel very geared towards his original audience. After all, fans in their late teens, or 20s when Cam first made his appearances would now easily be in, or approaching their 30s and 40s. Some of these changes are just very natural in older men. Letting ones body hair grow, defining ones body even more, having to be slightly more conservative in parts that are shown more, but nonetheless retaining a handsome look, are attributes often acquainted with older males. It all makes for a compelling and very erotic change indeed. Of course this is just a theory. Younger men can be prone to this sort of look as well.

Now the physical side of this sizzling new look for Cams body does not just include body hair! Cams cock also goes through one hell of a transformation. Cam gets CUT!!!! For some reason I kept thinking about this being the 'change', but I never actually believed it could happen to Cam. Now as you all know I love foreskin and my uncut guys very much, especially how fun Cams uncut dick is. Yet, I met this change with with an open mind. I don't know what it is, but seeing him with a big fat circumcised cock is unbelievably freaking hot. I'm talking mouth wide open, double taking, full stretching of my jean shorts hot!!! Embarrased smile Maybe it's cause Cam, just leads himself into these situations of hard core alien sex so often, it's almost expected that this would eventually come to pass. Seeing it is like the fulfillment a some sort of secret desire trapped deep in my subconscious, or something.

To me, it really helped drive home the fact that despite his new tough, virile look, the same old vulnerable, sweet and gentle Cam lies underneath. Seeing him kneeling for the first time with his big fat head and super think shaft looking naturally cut totally blew me away. The whole look topped perfectly with the cut cock, gets me thinking that this man is now a sexual tank. With his new body, he can not only take it, but with his new cannon of a dick, give it like never before as well. That giant new tube looks like it will be able to fuck relentlessly, being that it's slightly less sensitive.

like this has ever been done before in gay, or even erotic comics, that I can recall. It's ground breaking and so daaaaaaaaammmmnnnn steamy. We will get a chance to hear Cams reactions to his cut dick. All his feelings and reactions will pour forth. That's gonna be hot. Since the comic is set in such a great fantasy sci-fi world, you know a reversal can always be achieved if Patrick wants too. Personally I love this and am looking forward to many adventures with circumcised Cam. He might be mistaken for a Felinoid prince, (for usually only princes are cut at birth.) Maybe he can persuade Locus to give him a little docking action, so that he can feel a foreskin once again slide over his exposed cock head. That long juicy green foreskin would be perfect for that. That is, if he ever finds him again. ;) With his new hardened body and ridged new fuck tool, the possibilities are endless.
Spoiler Ends

Of course what would a Cam story be with out some wild Alien sex? XD Changes manages to cram in a mind blowing sex scene. Cam meets Gobe, Mar and Dil, men, manipulated to 'perfection' by the evil Dr. Pupae. Mr. Fillions creative juices must have been working over time. They are 3 succulent scoops of studliness! Here for your pleasure is two blog exclusive image of the men!

From left to right are Mar, Gobe and Dil. Three men built just for sex.

Mr. Fillion loves his alien boys and these guys no exception. Each male is brimming with creative sexual designs. I think they are his hottest aliens since Locus himself. Gobe is the most human of the three, except that he has purple skin and three nipples. A good sign of just how fertile his species is! :P Take that Total Recall! :P I bet all 6 are sensitive! XD ha ha ha! He looks like he has a few sexy African American attributes. And boy is he is hung! His dick's so big, that his head doesn't seem to be able to even enter cams mouth! Gobe, may, or may not be more loyal to Pupae then the others are.

I really like the leafy hunk Mar with his manta ray chin. He looks really playful. He'll pierce your heart in an instant. His cock has three little spots, or lumps on it, possibly for increased pleasure. (They match the ones on his head. I wonder if they are eyes?) His green good looks are enough to give locus a run for his money!

Last, but certainly not least is my fave of the three (though it's a very close race let me tell you) Dil. His craggy scales and mix of Bat, armadillo and almost xenomorph like features has resulted in one of the most stunningly creative creatures to come out of Fillions pen. You have to love his ridge filled cock and bony balls. That's gonna be fun to see get shoved into poor Cam! :P

The one thing I really enjoyed about all these new guys is the super balanced mix of human and alien features. All three designs work extraordinarily well, without making the guys inhuman. An example would be Dils wicked dick. It's got such great features and divine shapes, but it's still fully humanoid.
As if the inclusion of three new men and a sexy new look aren't enough, the book holds even more surprises! The issue also has a very special cameo that fans are going to go crazy over!!!!

I really hope all three of these guys escape Pupae and come back for more! :P

The book includes a ton of extras, including a large making of section and some surprise art from our own Urbanmusiq! :D Take a good look at Cams proposed designs. The one in the top middle looks VERY familiar! XD HA!

Going through the book over and over while doing this review has left me so turned on! LOL! I think I better take care of this before I wear myself out! :P Camili-Cat Changes is available now for the very low price of $1.99 at Class Comics. This is the dawning of a brand new age for Cam! I hope you will join him on his journey!


  1. As I said to Patrick, I absolutely LOVED this issue, the new look for Cam is stunning and the kinky hardcore alien sex was great (aouuuch the beige alien's cock gotta hurt so bad !). I prefer uncut guys but it was cool to give him some kind of brand new start !

  2. Fantastic Review DP! I love this book, it totally ROCKS!!

    You described it all perfectly! Great insights on the characters, the tone, the story and of course, Cam's BIG change! :) Im sure Mr.Fillion will be thrilled to read this review!


    PS: Cheers on the mention of the "surprise art" ;) it's much appreciated!

  3. Ok I admit was shock seeing his maturity O_O if the wild side still there, thats fine by me :) - FallenAngel



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