Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nova Vs The Anubis Hydra By Maduinshorn

One day Cleo was lured into a strange cave filled with treasures. He was eager to take some to help his less then fortunate friends and for a little spending money for himself of course! Sadly he found the entrance blocked by a Anubis Hydra. The creature tied him up. He was to be just another jewel for it's collection. Cleo prayed to the Gods for release. They sent him a handsome warrior from the stars! It's Nova to the rescue! But will even all his brawn he be able to defeat the great beast?
It had been way too long since Maduinshorn had drawn Nova. Not since I had originally commissioned him! So it was high time to see him back in action by his pen. As well Cleo had also not been penned by him since last year. (And only in sketch form at that.) So I we killed two desires at once! I wanted to see Nova doing something heroic. Striking a pose and saving the day. So I thought about combining the Hydra with Anubis. I have to say, Maduinshorn really set the bar high after this one. Nova has one hell of a body. He is riiiiiiiiiiiiiped! (To think my original intention with him in '09 was to keep him slim. :P) Loving those boots and his big balls. The balls look like they could act as a Newton's cradle! Cleo looks very convinced that his savior will succeed in his task. He's forgotten the danger at hand and let his mind focus on the beautiful form in front of him. (Which is obvious from his thick erection.)
I really like what Maduinshorn did with my basic background ideas. Putting the giant penis on wall hooks and having Cleo elevated on a platform with steps were clever additions. I was hoping he would give the image a bit of a 'cave of wonders' feel. The golden treasure chamber room looks perfect and much better what then I had initially doodled! :P

I have not been posting many line arts, sketches and flats these days. I loved the line art so much, I had to show it off. The men are GORGEOUS! Just check out all the wicked details on the Anubis Hydra. You can see even here, how much love and care Mario put into him. Maduinshorn really knows how to do some kick ass beasts!

When I sketched the Hydra I took a little bit of inspiration from the boss in the Super Nintendo Classic Super Ghouls And Ghosts. (Above.) I would show the sketch but it's so bad! :P So here instead is a less then terrible sketch of Vann I drew late last night. See you next time!


  1. Now, thats one hot kick-ass action, great work , Maduinshorn :D - FallenAngel

  2. Oh mai, Anubis-Hydra. I have never seen such a beast. Poor guy is losing his head... or rather one of them. XD;;;
    Your sketches are cuuute. I like how he's looking back with a look of dread. Adorable. ^^

  3. Nice to see Nova again -- good job, Maduinshorn!

    Not a bad Vann sketch, either. :-)



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