Friday, June 24, 2011

A Gay, Or Just Macho Super Mario Parody?

The sexy Mario Piece done by Maduinshorn came about for a number of reasons. One was a little inspiration from some odd pictures I found online. The sites that listed the images, only had one, or two of these them to show. The links to the official sites had died long ago. So while Maduinshorn was busy at work on the latest piece, I was scouring the net looking for the rest of this um..interesting set. Eventually I found it. I think I had to do a Japanese search to do so. Due to how hard it is to find these, I am presenting them to you guys today. Most American sites listed them as being gay, but something about them makes me doubt that. Can you name all the characters?

Check out the guy in the Blooper outfit! :P

This fight with a Ninji(?) was where it ended. Aside from this final image of Toad, there was nothing else to be found by the artist. The site I found had a lot of similarly themed Mario art, at least. I guess the person never finished the strip. :(
Here are some of the other pieces I found in my search for Gay Mario art:

That One Up Mushroom looks a little too happy! The Cheep Cheeps have come up for a better view! :O

And of course these two CONSTANTLY came up... XD


  1. Oh, God bless Japan.

    I spot a Warsman. :D

  2. Ah so that's what that creature is.



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