Friday, June 3, 2011

She-Ra in the Phallic Forest

Short and sweet blog post. This is becoming a reoccurring theme around here, but I just found a not so hidden group of penises in She-Ra. Okay I am not a huge She-ra fan. Never have been, never well be. So if this is a well known fact, excuse me for only stumbling on it now after all these years. I was flicking the channels when I stopped on She-Ra. By pure luck I tuned in on time to see her casually walking through a forest of what can only be described as cocks. It took me some time to figure out the episode is called the Stone in the Sword. Here are some images I snagged from youtube:

It looks like one is about to try to penetrate She-Ra from behind. The one at her feet has more foreskin detail then I have seen in some gay comics. :O Not convinced? Keep going....

Above the large orange clump in the middle there is perfect dick head, shaft and balls. Beside it, to the left was a shape no one can deny. It's a huge purple dick head!!!!

Kowl hovers above the head!
"Gee Kowl, Bow would sure love it here."

That big ass head just wouldn't go away!

Here you can see some of the phallus structures have what looks like foreskins slightly pulled back. As if we ever needed any more proof the people at Filmations were a bunch of fruit of the looms.... XD


  1. haha
    i soo see the big COCK ^_^

  2. Now Edora knows where to look for Bow when she can't find him XD

  3. Hilarious take! DP really you should be in a game/animation column :D - FallenAngel

  4. Short and sweet but... man, where do you find this stuff??? XDD;

  5. LOL Tantric, I know right? XD
    Hee hee Thanks Fallen!
    I don't know Bu! I was innocently watching TV!



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