Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vann Illia Meets Repunzel!

This comic started off as a one page gag and just kept growing and growing. Looks like Vann has decided to act like a noble prince charming. He has come to the aid of poor Rapunzel trapped high in the tower!

Dinosaurprince's Kingdom proudly presents:
Vann Illia the Barbarian #3
Vann meets Rapunzel
With Art By FallenAngel
Story By Dinosaurprince

This manga was a blast to draw out and watch Fallen give life too! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did creating it. My favorite touch Fallen added was a the sweet little kiss that Rapunzel gives Vann on the way down and the confused little UFO. So adorable! Even after many pages were done, I found myself coming up with more and more ideas. So much so that we extended the ending. Maybe one day Rapunzel will return.

This was my second take on the male version of Rapunzel. This image went through a couple changes before being sent to Fallen. The outfit was hard to decide upon. I thought about giving him a chameleon necklace at first to tie it to the recent Disney movie a bit. Fallen did an amazing job on the design. Thank you Fallen for your continued support, bottomless imagination and endless enthusiasm. ^_^


  1. haha! What whimsy!

    Very interesting work you two.

  2. wooo interesting :D and funny XD love it XD

  3. @Jubell and Karulox, thanks guys...DP can do some ilarious ideas in that mind of his LOL* The first page have me blurt out laughing when I read the script ^_^- FallenAngel

  4. LOL I love your version ! Cute and nasty at the same time ! XD

  5. He he he... :-) Nicely done, guys!



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