Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Keep Your Loved Ones Close This Christmas

Merry Christmas 2012! It's Christmas morning!!! The sun isn't up, but something else certainly is, after making this post! XD I want to present to you guys a very special Christmas card that Leon De Leon worked on for me. It features the theme of bringing loved ones closer during the holidays. Dimata and Holocene our ice age boys know all too well the importance of sharing a some body heat during this time of the year! :D This will mark the third time that Leon has drawn Dimata. He gets bigger and sexier each and every time! This is also the very first time he has drawn Holocene and he looks so fantastic. Holocene has some tight juicy foreskin that shows every curve of his mushroom head below. YA-UM!  Holocene is adorable, with his little red nose.  Dimata and him are going so share some Eskimo kisses very soon.  (Right after they stop rubbing their rock hard nipples together that is!)  A lovely picture I hope you guys will all 'enjoy' this wonderful day!

My original concept sketch! Hee hee.

Oh boy Sandy Clause came to my house! I hope I get a Santa Sonic in my stocking! XD Yeah right! Fat chance.  This little guy went for over $150 on E-bay.  Tales below went for $50.  I didn't see the end price of Dr. Eggman, but I don't doubt it was high! 

 Believe it, or not, this is my stocking! I got it this year on E-bay. Yes I love the Flintstones!

In the link I gave yesterday there was another link to a holiday bundle download.  The bundle includes all the special Christmas images that Class Comics have given out over the years.  Out of the set these two images are my favorites. I would really love to see that Christmas costume work it's way into a Zahn comic one day.  God, he is sexy in it! XD     Gosh, can you imagine the orgy that ensued after the carols were done in the image below?  I bet all the snow melted!  Wouldn't it be nice if Strider was included here too? Hmmmmm.... Maybe that wouldn't be so hard to do...

That three way frot makes me dribble! 

UPDATE!!! Look what I did! 
 Strider Joins In The Caroling!!! 
Enjoy guys!

Look out for Squishes in your stocking! I have an ornament that is based on this image.

Looking around the net last night I found this image of what can only be called a 'Christmas Angel.'  He was given the nick name Hot Wings. They are very tiny, like Kid Icarus's! I only found this one image.  I wonder if there is a set?

LOL, I watched this Johnny in the box video before going to sleep last night.  It has a bit of a Christmas theme to it.  The guy gets a doll that magically comes to life when he puts his dick in it's mouth. Oh the magic of precum!  It's actually very nicely done.  What gay guy wouldn't want a sexy doll that comes to life just for sex under their tree?  It starts off in black and white.  Pretty classy and very original. I recommend it.

Going around the net yesterday I came across a lot of hot images. Here are a few I wanted to share with you guys! (I hope the artists don't mind!) 

MioWorks posted this gorgeous chocolate Santa, lovenly sprinkled with coconut flakes. Yum, freaking yum.  Mio, you made a feast that will ease the hunger of the entire gay world this year my friend! NICE!
Check out MiOWorks blog and tell him what you think!

 Gene Lightfoot aka Skyboy16 did a extraordinary amount of hot Christmas related images this year.  Out of his set, this one with the two lovers banging against the window, while the Frosty with the repurposed 'nose' watches was my personal favorite!
To check out all the images check out his December 2012 post:

My dear friends Guytoonist and Aneros came up with some wicked images.  Guytoonists one eyed Christmas Pirate is certainly one of the 'ass' variety.  If he holds me up with that candy cane, I may force him to use it... ;D 

Voider/Aneros spoke with me just a few days ago regarding ideas for his holiday themed image.  Rudolph was one of his first ideas and after seeing the completed image, I am overjoyed he stuck with it.  I think it turned out to be a perfect mix of human and animal features. This raindeer is getting me hard just typing about him! He's so fucking fine!  
*fap fap fap fap fap fap* 
Okay now I can continue! XD Joking! Seriously though, he is just so beautiful. What I love the most is how that giant red dick head works on this character.  How many uncut guys have you we all seen out there with red heads that almost gleam in the night?  Pretty genius.  It works on so many levels. :D  

Well guys that's about it for today! I would also like to recommend checking out Icy Hydarias Christmas post.  It's jam backed with great sketches!  
 And don't forget to check out FallenAngels blogs for a large variety of hot Chirstmas images as well! You can even send your straight buds down the Fallen path! :P

Merry Christmas One and All!



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