Sunday, December 9, 2012

Vann Meets Zahn Comic 2! In The Castle Of The Nymph Men!

Today I get to proudly continue our little tale of Vann Illian the Elf Barbarian meeting Zahn the Son of winter.   We started this comic back in the summer.  This story was inked by FallenAngel and wrote by yours truly.  What started out as a one page gag, quickly turned into a three pager, as we found more and more ways to have fun with the situation.  Had I had more time, this probably would have been a lot longer.  Blame my horrible new job for it's shortness! XD FallenAngel jam packed it with humor and hot cum gushing cocks! I hope you guys enjoy!

Last time, our heroes were baffled by the disappearance of Zahn into seemingly thin air.   Soon after his disappearance Peng found a map that Zahn had dropped.  Hoping to find out more information on Zahn by retracing his steps, he stets forth with a very reluctant Vann in tow.  The two Barbarians soon find themselves in a very familiar castle.....

And so, once again we leave Vann Illia in a very sticky situation!


  1. This comic is hot and very funny. I love it! Congratulations to you and to FallenAngel.

    Any news about Sinep?




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