Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rikuo Lust and a Wave Racer!

Hey, here's a very special premier picture! Done by the ever Talented Roalli from Y! gallery. He had a great idea for Rikuo administering a pearl necklace onto a foe. I went with the idea right away. We made it so Rikuo would have a huge thick stream of cum that would gather and become pearls around the opponent. Roalli got the concept down right away as far as the cum thickly oozing from Rikous head. We then went through some ideas for the pearls. Because this is a finishing move for Rikuo I wanted Roalli to tackle his frills and make his nuts huge. Below him is a sexy struggling Demetri! Enjoy!

Check out that poll! Woo!

Roalli did a kick ass job on Rikuo. Though hard to see with the smaller res version, his gills are full of details. Rikuo's Frills are just spectacular. It's inspired me to want to see more of him this way! Demtiri is way sexy. Roalli showed me various colouring techniques and shades for both characters. A total gentleman. The pearls are perfect, just as I imagined them. Gooey, sticky fun. You know Demitri loves it!!!

This is my reaction:

Ok I did a huge blog post on this, but I have to say that is is pure genius. Roalli asked me about the pearl necklace technique and from there both our minds went crazy. This is EXACTLY what I wanted. A thick glorious gob of cum draining from Rikous over sized cut cock and GIANT balls. The ultimate finishing move, cum that you can feel just thickly tickle out of your piss slit. So fucking hot.:heart::heart::heart: Of course he has to have his frills out. Despite the lack of refs, Roalli you got it down EXACT. He looks fanfreakingtastic. He's a wonder to behold man. And Demitri is just wondrous. He's a hunky little vampire, with wonderfully defined muscles, an uncut dick, and hair that's stunning.
Thanks Roalli, you worked so hard on this and your efforts really show. One of your best pictures to date. So much is going on here!!

Check out Rikou getting coloured. :)

Awhile back I asked Caravaggia if she wouldn't mind taking on two of my favorite Darkstalkers meeting each other on the beach. Well she came up with this gorgeous image:

Not only did she do this, but she also took on a very special request. Here is it for the first time, Rikuo and Donavan if they were black!!! HOT!!!

My reaction:

Oh boy, do I love his! Rikou and Donovan sex on the beach at night! WOO! Can you hear the waves? I can!!! Sigh..love the sea..
This is so hot. I love the pose Rikuo is in. He's so cute! And that cock is amazing. yours have to be some of the best around. They are so detailed and well drawn. Heck they both are! This is just draving me crazy. I want more!! XD
Thank you so much it has been a real pleasure to commission you again.

There is also a pink cock headed version of Rikou, I may just upload it if people want to see it! Thought it was very hot!

Next we have my fellow Ontario boy CrazyMiki with his version of Rikuo! I have been a fan of his for years now and I was honored that he would take on my Darkstalker Dream boat.

My reaction:

This is a very nice take on Rikuo. I love his face, his eyes and his build. Nice nipples! XD Sadly I feel it's a shame that his penis and testicles that look so good are cut off. :(
Overall not only is he very handsome, I have to say he is one of your best coloured pieces, if not the best you have submitted here! Thanks! :heart:

Yes was a little bad and made a comment bout his penis head being cut off...hey, it's so hot!!! I had a huge desire to see the whole thing! LOL. I have to say this is my favorite of his images. Not just cause it is Rikuo, but because you can really see his style and art make some awesome progress here. I love his strong face and piercing eyes.

Ok since this is a water themed blog, here's a real treat!

Next up a little gift from Demona! A favorite character of mine is Ryota, from Wave Race Blue Storm. That boy really boils my potatoes! I have some comms of him just waiting to be posted! This one goes up first tough. Here he is with a very succulent huge cock covered in a condom, just waiting for me! Demona even put Diddy Kongs hat on him! Ha ha, now that's creative and cute!!!

Hot stuff! Don't touch!

My reaction:
Hee hee, very cute! He's so shy! Condoms!!! XD Nintendo's family friendly values are even reflected a little in their porn characters!!! Very nicely drawn. You penis is really well done I must say. It jumps from the page.

Good Night! XD

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