Friday, April 29, 2011

Spaceman, Oh Spaceman

Anyone else miss Hayato as much as me? I really felt his absence in Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Since his games haven't really proved all that popular over the years, with no remakes, or anything, I doubt we will see much more of him in the future. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was kinda my last hope of seeing Capcoms Jedi again. Oh lament felt like this would be a good time to post the wonderful art Mirri did of him in 09! :D At least he can live on in fan art.

This was my reaction then:

Hyato is another Capcom Character that just doesn't get enough attention! One of my favorites characters, he's a real Japanese Jedi!
Mirri he is UBER cute! I do love those gently eyes and that face so cute cute cute!!:kiss::heart: I'm melting!!! It's so gorgeous! :love: Mirri this looks like a cell from an anime! That background rocks!!!!! Totally fitting!! This is some of your best work ever. It's just so darn cute and hot!!!
Who told you I am crazy about seeing foreskin pushed over an erect head? XD
Thanks so much! It's great to be commissioning you once again!

Some official art of him:

Speaking of missing spacemen, another characters long absence has been irking me for some time. That would be the big boss alien Tatanga in the last 2 Mario Galaxy games. I don't know how Nintendo can make 2 games set in space and ignore a main antagonist like this.

You would think the character would warrant a little more respect. You see, the sales for Mario Land are actually slightly greater then Mario 3, according to wikipedia anyway. So why is it they would leave him out of not one, but both games? It bugged me during part one, but when part 2 still found him missing, I was very disappointed. Seems to me like there is more internal crap going on then Nintendo would like us to know. After all his creator was fired from the company and died soon after in 1997. Could it be the great sales and popularity of Mario Land has left a very bad taste in the mouth of Marios creator? When I read about how his employees have to sneak entertaining aspects into games with out him knowing I start to wonder.

Anyway all this thinking about space and aliens got me looking for something that I had not seen since I was a child in the 80s. I was filled with a little bit of childhood fear and wonder when I gazed upon them again for the first time in over 20 years. I wanted to share with you guys. When I was very young, I got this puzzle from an unknown source. Depicted on it was a WWII battleship being buzzed by UFOs. The side panel held a description of the events with a time and date. It all seemed very real and creepy in my young mind. What child would question the sincerity of army personnel?

Whitman released about 4 of these puzzles. Ah the good old days of 'In Search Of' and the like eh? XD Aliens, bigfoots and sea monsters were popular topic for kids to read about back then. This puzzle was kept in my basement, at the bottom of the stairs in a storage closet. That fact just added to it's mystic and creepiness. I will admit that last night the images once again filled my head with strange dreams. XD


  1. You have a memory that makes me marvel.

    I have trouble recalling whether I ate today or not...and I ate 30 minutes ago!

    Who KNOWS what it was O.O

  2. Ha ha ha thanks Jubell! LOL I am sure your memory is not THAT bad! XD
    I actually wish I had an even better memory. ;)

  3. Hayato sexiness wohoo! :D -FallenAngel



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