Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to JCARTBLOG

FallenAngel and I wanted to wish JCARTBLOG a very happy birthday today! Fallen drew his favorite character; Superboy, aka Kon-El. Looks like he has thoughts of eating JC's cake! His huge cloned cut cock is really spectacular. With eyes like that, I have a feeling this love making session would be a 'cuddly' experience. :D Who wouldn't want to be held in those big strong arms? Fallen brings us a very laid back and sweet vision of the DC hero.
Thanks Fallen for taking on this classic character to help us send our best wishes to JC.
I have a couple wonderful images from JCARTBLOG I will be posting later this week.


  1. Nyoohohoho Happy BDAY JCARTBLOG

  2. Really nice stuff!!! Nothing beats some cake to celebrate a happy birthday! X3 Happy happy birthday to JC and for another fun 365 ahead. :3 Nice work, guys!



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