Sunday, April 24, 2011

Double Chocolate Centaur Treat This Easter Thanks to Caravaggia and Me!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you all. What better day to spring this chocolate delight, huh? The guy on the ground is my new OC Seb. The lucky stiff fulfilling an ultimate dream. He's just met a horny and friendly Zebra centaur!

Seb is from an African like continent in Vanns world. He belongs to a tribe that worships the Zebra, especially uni-zebras as evident from his outfit. He's a trader and excellent tracker. He's tracked his way right into the embrace of this amazing specimen created by Caravaggia. :D

This Centaur is the leader of his tribe, free spirited, proud and free. He is perfect for worship of a certain kind. The zebra is Caravaggia at her best. He's a yummy mixed of dark, white and creamy milk chocolate. (Okay enough candy puns.) But really I hope you will find that he is a beautiful mouth watering specimen.

I was happy to hear how enthused Caravaggia was in helping me create him. It seems we share a common love of Mohawks and zebras. XD She worked really hard and it shows. She even engulfed him in a lite, yet radiant glow from an African sun set. (Or as she puts it, a Lion King sunset. :P) It was fun to come up with a Zebra centaur. While the design and concept was fun for both Caravaggia and I, naming him has proved difficult for me. Any suggestions? I do like the name Achimi, or Machimi. I am still not sure if will remain uncut as well. I do love his dark foreskin, but a cut centaur would be fun as well.
Here is my original sketch of Seb. Check out Caravaggias blog for a making of segment!


  1. I think this is fascinating to see. I think Caravaggia really embraces the idea of the Zebra Centaurs and I can tell you two had a load of fun ^^

    Nice work from both of you. I like how well you're doing with the base coloring of your own work, DP. Keep up the good stuff. :3

  3. Thanks Bu and Ju! :D Yeah this was a ton of fun to see come to completion. I am sure both will be back some time soon.
    I will keep trying to color and draw better Bu.^_^ Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Love this new OC you did :D sexy and love that tracker's costume :D Happy Easter DP and Caravaggia :D - FallenAngel



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