Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Circumcision Gets Cute in Japan


Japanese guys are so hot. It's such a shame that so much of the porn produced from that country gets overly censored. Trying to make out the cocks through the pixels can be a lot of fun and frustration. Luckily somewhere along the line I discovered the Adnis Selection. This porn company produces unmasked Japanese gay porn. I am not sure if they are still in production, but I highly recommend checking out what they have done. They have some of the cutest guys around. Anyway, through my constant perusing of Japanese porn I soon realized that circumcision does indeed take place there. It's always interesting to learn the different types of circumcision practiced around the world and the reasons for doing so. It wasn't easy to discover uncut Japanese dicks, as the methods used often result in penises that still may give off the air of being uncut.

The reasons for this are many. It's interesting to note that in Japanese culture, apparently it is a social faux pas to be seen with your foreskin all the way over your head. So most guys apparently keep theirs pulled back as often as they can. This means a lot of them pull it back before the cameras start rolling.
There's also the belief that many Japanese men have foreskins that do not fully cover their penis heads even when flaccid. This leads some people to believe they are circumcised when indeed they are not. I have seen this actually in porn. This guy here for example, may have a short skin, or be partially cut. When hard it was pretty difficult to tell he was uncut:

This other actor below could seemingly only pull his skin over his head this far:

Pulled back the skin looks intact.

Of course it should be no surprise that there are lots of examples of actors with thick foreskins that fully cover the cock when erect too.

A clearly cut actor from Adnis.

Anyway the point of this blog was to tell you guys about a site I found. It's the site of a clinic in Japan called Yoshizawa that does routine circumcisions. See in Japan it's becoming more and more popular to get cut. It usually happens when guys reach adolescence, or become young adults. It may be at the request of a girlfriend, or boyfriend, the result of what I hear is rampant phimosis, or to fit in with what's popular in America. ;P Now a circumcision clinic is not much for ME to be blogging about is it? BUT this one is different, because the entire site is littered with cute little anime penises explaining the whole deal. HA! I thought they were pretty cute and debated sharing them for some time. Here are some of the images from it!

I would guess this is explaining the problems of phimosis.

I wonder if this has to do with keeping ones foreskin pulled back all the time, or cocks where the skin has not grown enough and is just too tight over the head?

"Toshi what is that wrinkled up skin on your sleeping penis???"
Turns out Japanese woman don't like Foreskin. :P She looks really horrified. :(

I am not really sure what is going on here as all these look uncut to me with no visible differences. I am guessing the two in the front are having a hard time getting erect?

Clearly explaining the circumcision scar. From what I have read and seen they do often circumcise free hand reducing the scar and leaving a lot of the skin behind the head as well. See below:

I will have to ask for a translation on this one. Never seen a penis breathe in before. I think this has to do with removing fatty tissue and making the penis stick out more.

That's just scary. It looks like he stole Captain Cavemans whiskers.

No explanation necessary here...

Anyway if you want to check out the site here is the link:

While I on the subject of different circumcisions and how hard it can be to tell if one is, or isn't at times, I might as well bring up Devin from Sean Cody. I was totally smitten by this half Asian/half white hunk back in '08 and '09. (His grandparents are Asian if I remember the story correctly.) I spent a long time trying to figure out if he was cut, or not. I finally came to the conclusion that he is only partially cut, with enough skin left to pull a bit over his head. Sean Cody, unlike Falcon doesn't always post the actors stats.


  1. A breathing penis xD????

    Wow....i love how Japan can deal with this "obscure" themes with such a cute humor

    This could be a great way to explain this cut and uncut theme to western people as well, sometimes is hard to tell who is cut (like you said)

  2. I wonder if western people would allow this? Usually North Americans are so terrified of these kinds of things. :P You have a great idea there. It would be cool if someone did an illustrated guide to different cut and uncut dick types!

  3. I guess from other illus, w/o circumsission its the problem not getting it clean deeply. Nice cute Jap models and Sean Cody :) - FallenAngel



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