Thursday, April 21, 2011

Had To Have it: Steaming Conan Figure

I found this friggen yummy Conan figure set dubbed Legendary Comic Book Heroes - CONAN & WRARRL online yesterday. Gosh that Conan is so hot! I never saw this set, released in 2007 in any stores, or cons. I went to E-Bay and while you could find the two pack itself for a fair price, the shipping was always astronomical. ($30-$20 is just way too much!) I found Conan brand new and alone and snagged him for $12 with only $4 for shipping! Woo! He will be taking up residence on my desk along with Jungle Emmy and Menace. I will be sure to take pics. :P I don't think the one I got comes with the Axe. I will keep my eyes peeled for the two pack in local comic shops. Till then I will be very happy just having this figure of Marvels Conan!

Check out the 1970's figure! YIKES! Conans got a ghastly fro!!!! You see this advertised all over the old comics. :(

Why do I hear Selma from the Simpsons saying, "I've got three words for you, Mary Tyler Moore?" No wonder he is so angry.

Oh Look how perfect he is on the back of the box! This was the image that was found in the comics as well. There was no way they were showing off what the doll actually looked like! XD

Turn it around and scream in fear! XD

Back of the card looks good.....

Someone tell Conan Betty Rubble wants her hair back.

Oh well, that's one neat thing about old toys, you do get to see different varations of your favs, you wouldn't see today. Let's end this with more of the good figure.


  1. Sweet a cool fully articulate Conan, I bet you're HOPING to have his clothes removable, am I right? :D

    And yes that old Conan is almost good for..voodoo doll..*SCREAMMM*


  2. LOL Voodoo is right! XD
    I know you can take his top off!!!! :D If only the lower part could be removed too!

  3. I bought two of those Conan and Wrarrl sets a couple of months ago at a pretty good price. I opened one and kept the other in box. :D

    I was able to remove some of Conan's articles, but, alas, this buff stud isn't able to be nude.

    I still think Wrarrl enjoyed the positions I bent the barbarian in. >.>

  4. You are lucky! I will have to scour the stores after Easter and see if I can find at least one complete set of them. I did that with Bionic Commando. I bought 2, one to open, one to keep in the box.
    You should take some pics of those naughty positions! XD



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