Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JCARTBLOG Takes on Vann And His Crew

These images I am sharing today I was holding back since last month. JCARTBlog did a wonderful job on them and I was waiting till just after I had posted Vanns first comic to release them. Sadly things came up and I had to put it off for a while. This blog post is a long time coming, so let's get started! I am very proud to present them to you for your viewing pleasure today!

JC's vision of Peng is one big boy! One would wonder if his gorgeous sparkling wings can lift such a perfectly beefy frame?! The idea here was Peng was going to asking Kraw if he felt his bubble butt looked too fat? Kraw who is normally very reserved is very shocked by this, but still get's his cucumber dick instantly hard. It is hotter to have Pengs cock out so that got added in. :P
This is the first time Kraw was colored so I picked a lime green with a yellow chest. While looking at the juicy nipples that Raul gave Kraw, I decided they had to be pink! XD I think all that fits right? :D I said it before and I will say it again, JC really has to do more big buff guys. He is exceptional at doing them. You get a real feeling of how big Peng is compared to the buff, but lean and tall Kraw Lash. Only a crazy man would and to cling that glorious chest! JC totally blew me away with those wings. Way beyond excellent job JC. One of your greatest pin ups ever.

Equinnus and Vann here was yet another first centaur for an artist. This one occurs slightly after the comic. The two are becoming fast friends. JC did a really great job on the horse body and his massive human cock. Dig that extra skin just piled up there! XD Slurp Slurp! XD
His handsome Equinnus is having fun giving his passenger some travel entertainment. I have a funny feeling these two are going to have to stop for a few minuets....
Vann is way hot too, with his flowing curly hair, lovely face and strong body. Vann was given some sweet details, like his cute circumcision scar. ;p Ha, no! I really mean in his costume which is based on Guytoonists design. I love this big honking boots and how his loin cloth curls slightly up. Way cool JC.

Now someone who's new looking you might have seen around. I decided to premiere Ademirs new look here today because I think this tribal warrior would fit well into the world of Vann. He could be the muscle in a band of Muscle men. :P A kind innocent warrior form he sea, who is not very blood thirsty. I can see him using his brute strength to immobilize enemies before they had a chance to figure out just what is going on. He started out life as a beach boy as you can see in the second image below. Then Fallen, while doing the Vann comic gave him a more tribal costume. We didn't really know what to do with him at first, with so many possibilities it can be hard to choose. The hot costume design inspired my decision to make him part of Vanns world. Perhaps the young sailor follows the others to keep them out of trouble. His a magnificent specimen and one Vann (and every man he meets) would love to add to his list of conquests. :D

Fallen lets Ademir peek out to say hello... XD

If you would like to see some more Vann art, check out FallenAngels Tower! He has some exclusive fan art located there.


  1. JC work so hunky! If anyone ask , I gave permission to DP to use the web ver from Y! :D - FallenAngel



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