Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Resident Evil 4 Game & Watch

I recently fond this cute little online only Game and Watch call Chainsaw Maniac. It was made to promote the game and the chiansaw controller released for the PS2. The chainsaw maniacs have never looked so cute. Play as Leon and stab them as they come rushing at you from out of the woods. Make sure to keep an eye on your knives and refill your stock in the cabins before they get too close!

You can play the game here:

Select File: Save Page As to save the game to your hard drive.


  1. LOL I actually have that chainsaw controller. That one and the Gamecube one. Good times. :D
    And indeed that's strangely adorable. lol

  2. He's never looked so cute! LOL! They should make this into a real LCD game. :P That controller is cool. I wonder how much it is worth now?

  3. Well by the looks of eBay, it looks like... Not much. XD Some people put it as high as 200 dollars but in general it looks like 60-80 dollars. I, of course, HAD to take it out of the box and try it. I couldn't help myself. lol

  4. Leon with a chainsaw..ok a gun is ok but a chainsaw!? he might need a hockey mask soon LOL*- Fallen

  5. No no Fallen, Leon has a knife to defend himself with.
    Hmmm sounds like the controller has not really increased in value then huh? That's a shame. I remember seeing it really cheap a couple years ago in a store. The one at $200 gives you some hope I guess.



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