Sunday, April 17, 2011

Miztlilhuitl Mayan of Mystery by Lastmanouthere

Miztlilhuitl Stands proud and tall

Mizlilhuitl is the newest member of the every growing cast of manly Meso-Americans created by Lastmanouthere and myself. This new character is the man child of Lastman's complex imagination. I had the exciting privilege of watching him come to life from sketch to final. Always the master of costume design, Lastmanouthere has once again pushed himself past his previous bar with Miztli's creative costume. Every aspect of his Prehispanic outfit, from his stylish sandals, to his pure blue cape that wraps cleverly around his chest, is made to exemplify the mans sexy body. Lastman made sure every piece had a unique design pattern to it. I like how his loincloth is worn high up on his abdomen. This means that what little covers this crotch will not be doing such a good job after even the slightest of leg movements. :P Naughty Naughty Lastman! XD He has a very noble face, with wonderfully long spiked, almost feathery hair. I can't wait to see this little slice of perfection naked. Ah, but outer faultlessness almost always hides the imperfections within.

Mizlilhuitl was a warrior who served directly under Janatu. A bad memory from Nehme's past, who he seems bound to encounter once more years later. That is all I will say for now. Let's just say things are in the works.....

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  1. I always knew Lastman would be the master of sexy loincloth warrirors :D - FallenAngel



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