Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vann goes Treasure Hunting By PPMAQ! :D

Vann would never waste his time digging around in a labyrinth for a bunch of boring keys, maps and compasses. He will however, gladly travel deep into most dangerous cave to uncover a treasure such as this!
This is the first of two commissions I have coming from PPMAQ. His whimsical art style is like a perfect combination of a style akin to Sunnyboys and Jacob Motts mixed in with plenty of his own flair! It was his mix of cartoony and sexy art that inspired me to look up Groo and resulted in the previous blog post. I love all the little touches, like the curl in Equinnus hair, the jewels, sparkles and wrinkled golden foreskin on the 'treasure' and how Vann looks a little worn out from traversing such a dangerous place. PPMAQ did a fantastic job on Vann cock. It's so darn BIG and THICK! It's got a cute pink head and wicked circumcision scar. Equinnus is a lucky guy to have access to that! Great details on the foreskin wrapped around his moist head. Shyte! So hot! I can't get over Equinnus's big broad shoulders, long arms and sexy build. He is excellent! Thanks PPMAQ!

PPMAQ is open for commissions still! You can find all his info on his journal page through the Link below. He was very kind to work with. His communication was very good and he worked very fast. The image speaks for itself. :D


  1. Equinnus is so darn hot here. Kudos to PPMAQ!

  2. Great work PPMAQ ! - Fallenangel

  3. Hahaha! I feel like I'm the one who's got to say Thanks! I'm definitely very proud to be able to please a comissioner like DinosaurPrince!

    Next one will be done soon!
    And THANK YOU for the cheerful feature!

  4. You are very welcome Pedro! I can't wait to see your next project. A heads up to bloggers, it's stunning! :D



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