Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beautiful Art of Canari

I have been looking for an English translation of this work by the late Carlos Meglia for many years. He started this comic 3 years prior to his death. Canadians should know him well as the creator of the Teletoon favorite Cybersix. I have seen some fan translations of Cybersix, but there is almost nothing regarding Canari in English. With it's exotic setting and buxom heroine, I am shocked no effort has been made to bring this over translated. (Okay I am not that surprised.) I have seen the books at a local comic store for over $30 a piece, untranslated. That's just insane. ;P Any help with finding out more about this series would be appreciated. I wonder if it's anywhere near as interesting as Cybersix?

Any comic showing a woman riding on the mouth of a killer whale in the middle of a tropical Jungle stream, begs exploration!


  1. Oh DP, you sure do have a taste for the exotic, hehe.

  2. Thanks Jubell! It's really beautiful eh? :D,

  3. Canari.......hmmmmmmmm*drool* :D~~~~~ - Slurp! Its sad though that the artist passaway :( -FallenAngel



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