Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sexy Centaurs by Caravaggia

LOL sorry about the April Fools day joke! I decided to do a quick blog before going to bed to clear the air, after I realized I scared a few people! Thanks for all the responses both on and off site! XD Hee hee! Even when I posted something straight, as Devilman pointed it out it had to involve hot guys at the mercy of woman. And yeah, Devilman brought up a good point...why does Andy look so girly? Must be that hair. :P

Anyway, as mentioned the other day, Zalu and Vann were originally worked on professionally by Caravaggia. I actually created Zalu back in the summer, many weeks before Aneros helped me with Equinnus. I love the idea of an black centaur. I had been going over many images of them online and wanted to create one of my own. Caravaggia took my sketch of Zalu and developed him into a really hot manly character. That is one tight set of abs he is sporting! She gave him some frizz to his fro and helped me decide on a lot of his features. Originally he had a beard, that we decided to drop almost right away. I asked her if he should be a musician, with a harp, or an archer with a crossbow? Check out his kick ass crossbow. That answered my question! XD Caravaggia has a knack for doing animal bodies and her horses here are wonderful. I really wanted to give this awesome image some spotlight in a post all it's own, cause it's just so spectacular.

This was originally going to be stand alone image. I found I liked it so much it sent my imagination into over drive. I couldn't stop thinking about the characters. From it spawned the comic and everything else that followed.

This is also the first completed image of Vann, based on my sketches. I decided to ask Caravaggia about adding a slave boy to the image and I thought, why not a use a hunky elf? XD So I dug up my sketch of him. Funny enough it was drawn around the same time as Zalu. This pose of him dick fucking was added to the comic Fallen did. Now that I think about it, this image could actually have fitted right in with the rest of the panels, if not for the chain.

Even her architecture is sexy! LOL.

As you can see Zalu originally had a black dick the same color as his horse body. We both loved this concept. It has a feral, powerful look to it, being so dark. The problem was that the details on the black dick and balls can easily be lost, especially as the image gets shrunk. So I asked to see what one the same color as his human skin would look like. Both styles are fabulous without a doubt. :D

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