Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Make An Epic Easter Parade With Groo!

I was at the story yesterday and decided to look through the Easter Egg decorating kits. Canada has officially become the land of the bland. It feels like today kids are so deprived. What sets did they have? Well generic pets, *SNORE* sports (Oh look my egg looks like a soccer ball! YAY!!!) Disney Princess, the regular old school Paas and that was it. You would think there would be some Iron Man, Spider Man, Fairly Odd Parents, or at the very least Sponge Bob sets. Back in the day there was always some cool sets. I still have Charlie Brown Easter stickers from some 90's sets.
Well in the spirit of Easter I present these Groo the Wanderer cut outs I found. The artists even insists on photocopying and making as many of these to share and have fun with as you can. :)
You can cut them out and wrap them around your colored eggs, or place all the characters around your table, or on a big bowl filled with Cheese dip! Just watch your fingers around Groo! :P These are from the very start of the series. The only main cast characters introduced at the time were Chakaal, the Sage, his dog and Taranto. I think there might have been more of these released over the years, but I don't remember for sure.


  1. Oh we dont have Easter around here but i know how you feel

    Around ehre all special days are bland as well. I remember in Halloween and Christmas, almost all the city changed of colors and spirit and now day is rare to see someone with ornaments on theyr house xD

    Oh this is soo cute!!!! Never know this exist but i used to love this kind of paper figures!!!! When i was a kid i used to draw and made my own paper figures about everything >_>

  2. Wow man that's really sad. Things seem bleak there. :(

    These kinds of cut outs were so popular for years. You never seem to see them around anymore. Making your own really rocks! I used to cut out characters from books and from my Easter Chocolate boxes like Garfield and Odie and play with them. :P You remind me of my friend in high school that used to draw Super Mario, Street Fighter, Aliens and Disney and cut them out. He used to come over with little sandwich bags filled with characters. :P

  3. Easter Sun...darn...I better make a drawing soon..Sunday is my nephews Baptismal...

    BTW I LOVE those babes in Groo :D - FallenAngel

  4. Yeah man, not much time left to get those egg kits! Have fun at the Baptismal.



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