Monday, April 18, 2011

Cho Aniki Vs Christer Echo!? XD

A little while ago I started to reply Cho Aniki Zero on my PSP. I don't why I pleasure in torturing myself...Anyway at the same time I saw Sirio was up for commissions and it got me thinking about requesting her to draw Idaten. He seems like a natural choice for Sirios style. (And indeed prove to be as you can see!) I thought it would be funny to have him fight Christer. Christer, I think fits in with the world of Cho Aniki, being a big guy with lots of muscles and flashy ornaments all over him. I could see him being a mid boss throwing penis shaped rocks and getting blasted by Idatens 'Mans Canon' No one ever really dies in Cho Aniki, they just get blasted away, so don't worry about Christer. :P Of course Sirio made sure the Mans Cannon is a lot more true to it's name then in the game! She gave Idaten a huge dick topped with a monstrously delicious mushroom head capable of releasing a true hot wave of furry. Now if only there was a Rom hack that did this... XD Idaten turned out really good, with some sweet dark shading and a perfectly fitting mischievous smile. If not for the cock, I would say he could easily fit into an official art book, or instruction manual. :P

I was very excited to request this image, cause Sirios Christer colored by Caravaggia is such an awesome piece. He turned out really great. I love those big sexy legs! HA! Once again the two artists joined forces. The boys are colored wonderfully by Sirio, while that astounding background was done by Caravaggia. She envisioned the battle taking place on a moon with a volcano going off with a beautiful space backdrop. This really helps set the video game mood. :) The image turned out to be a great piece of fantasy fun!I would love to see Sirio take on Idaten and Christer again so who knows what the future will hold! :D


  1. Il ike al ot this character!!!! and yeah very nice result :P i think he's difficult to draw ... but hes sooooooooooooo nice :P

  2. Poor Christer; I don't like seeing him as a baddie :P

    Nice work you both!

  3. Ohohoho nice battle hot blowing it might add oon its description - FallenAngel



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