Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cauldron And the Harpy Men By Baralust

Here are a few characters from the universe of Zahn I can't see enough of; Cauldron and the Harpy brothers LYRUS and SELAR! I figured after saving them, Cauldron probably had a lot of fun with these two on the way back to camp. (That is, if he could get it back up after that huge orgy he had with Zahn earlier.)

Just look at those beautiful wings!! Alright now enjoy the hot sex. XD The brothers are in heaven, holding hands as they enjoy Cauldron and Cauldron equally enjoys them. Cauldrons foreskin is being manipulated like crazy, it's half exposing the back of his cock head. Pretty neat. His ass is getting some major fondalage! XD Baralusts illustration is truly a vision of grace and poise, featuring the most beautiful of muscled men! I was very awe struck when I got it. I remarked that I felt it was the most artistically splendid piece Baralust had done to date. ^O^ Soaring through the sky, having sex, what a wonderful fantasy.

Speaking of Fantasies, on the weekend I picked up Final Fantasy Theatrhythm for 3DS. I have to say that while I suck at these kinds of games, I am having a great time with the title. It's fun to level up your characters so you can take more damage and stuff. (Especially if you suck like I do!) It certainly has hit a few heart strings, as memories of growing up playing the games flood in with certain songs. I haven't played all the Final Fantasy games, so there's a lot of 'new' content for me to enjoy too. I think the overall look of the game is great. I love the cute doll designs. The 3D is probably the best I have seen on the system. Be warned that leaving it on while playing higher difficulties may result in permanent crossed eyes!
As much as I love the various RPG elements, I think they could have done a better job with implementing them directly into the game play. You fight monsters and stuff, but the game really doesn't show you how well you are doing. For the fight stages, when the song ends, the stage ends, not when you defeat a creature. That's kinda unfulfilling in a way. There's also levels where you walk through various Final Fantasy worlds. The RPG elements are a bit better implemented here. While these stages are nice, I get the feeling they could have been way more eventful then the monotonous pattern they are shown through each time. Elite Beat Agents, Theatrhythm is not, but even still, I think it's worth a pick up and play through. These little gripes aside, it's very addicting and beautifully put together.

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