Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heores Frot: Mako Finn and Zahn Son of Winter By MiOworks

This was my final gift to Patrick for his birthday last month. It's an extraordinary image featuring some of the juiciest looking uncut cocks ever. Two of the manliest gay heroes, done by our amazing talent MiOworks in beautiful anime style. This was indeed the perfect way to end our fabulous round of images.

Zahns hair has a mind of it's own. I spent several mins enjoying it before moving to the rest of the image! hee hee. Oh those sexy sexy tan lines on Mako! XD 

MioWorks had drawn Mako Finn with Lil'Deep last year and really contemplated once again pairing them again this year with his assistance. In the end, I decided to ask him to drawn Zahn with Mako, as he had never drawn the Son of Winter before.  I was super happy I did from the sight of the first sketch. We can always do something with Lil' Deep later.  The pose came out so wonderfully.  Love that Zahns dick wound up hooked over Makos cock fin! :P 

Bonus Dinosaurprince's Kingdom Exclusive Version. 
 No tan lines on Mako Finn, giving us a glimpse of his cock baked golden brown in the summer sun. Delicious! XD

Don't worry there's more Class Comics stuff on the way. With Halloween approaching and Mako Finn making me go crazy, there's lots of potential ideas in the works! 



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