Sunday, September 2, 2012

Camili-Cat Meets The Ultimate Care Bear

To start, I think this was one of the most fun ideas Aneros and I have done this year and that's saying a lot as there is no lack of enjoyment in any of our projects. For Patrick Fillions birthday we came up with a concept we hoped would hit his funny bone, as well as bring back many a cherished childhood memory. Patrick is a big fan of the Care Bears, so much so that, Cam has been pictured with one back in the the story 'The Gift.' Together we brought forth a new character we dubbed Cums-A-Lot, or Cum Time Bear. He's a manly Care Bear that uses his 'stare' to bring men feelings of love and lust so strong that they almost instantly cum! Aneros did a wicked amazing job on Cum Time. I could not have hoped for him to come out more perfectly. We had a great time going over his designs and color schemes. Aneros said he started to feel like he was 7 again after doing so much research on the classic characters. :P His Cam, done in the the characters new design, looks super stunning. That torso is so freaking tight. I could play those abs like a xylophone! XD He's really great at adding little details to his art. Here, I think he did a sweet job on Camili-cats fuzzy, stubbley, body hair. Smexy. It was really fun to think of poses and expressions for him.

Cam is having the time of his life in Carealot! :P

I wonder if Cam is thinking of meeting a hunky Care Bear in his deems? This page features one of the best flaccid foreskins ever. Such a think of beauty. :D

My original sketch of Cums A Lot/Cum Time Bear.

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  1. Nice abs Aneros did there awesome! man its a Care Bear for adults!



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